Nostalgia in dreams.....

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How often do you experience the feeling of nostalgia during a dream? The feeling is best described as an “emotional memory” and is a deep and complex element of behavior, especially during REM when our emotions are amplified.

Quite often. Past memories (fake ones from when I was young related to the dream), deja vu (remembering something that happened before in the dream which didn’t), and so on. I wouldn’t term it “nostalgia” myself - the word makes me think of old people - but I guess that’s what it is.

In dreams my actions are based on my background in the dream, which is often completely different to what it is in reality. (ie, I might be a boy, be very young, be a different nationality, etc - and I typically have past memories that go along with these other identities.) So sometimes I certainly look back to the past very wistfully, even though none of these things ever happened to me in real life. It’s a strange feeling.

Ahhhh… memories. I have a very sucky memory IWL, but in Lala Land I remember tons of stuff. (okay, a lot of FMs :razz: ) IRL I love having deja vu, it’s such a strange feeling. My one friend and I both have it when we’re around eachother and we can’t remember where we met first. Probably in Elementary school, but he’s younger than me… hmm. :hmmm:

…but I’m off topic. :content: