Nostril Expansion Signaling from within the dream!

Yes! You can signal from the dream using your Nostrils!

But first! WoW! What a blast coming back here!
I’m going through my old posts from 2015, reminiscing, so great that this forum is still up and active!
I made my first steps here as many still probably do, and yes I am still on the Lucid Dreaming path and so so much has changed since, but going through my old posts I see that much is also the same concerning my resolve. What a flashback, will have to update those old Healing posts.

So Hey! Name is Ohad
It’s been around 9 years now when Lucid Dreaming became my main practice, I have opened an LD Israeli community (since I am from Israel) that became the Largest Hebrew online community.
Went through a lot of extremely interesting experiences on the way, as I’m sure most of you who stick to this practice have, and yet much to learn I still have.

back to the point:

A new and completely funny discovery! :star_struck:

Yes Yes! I discovered that it is possible to signal from the dream while we are lucid with the help of our nostrils! Haha, usually in lucid dreaming studies, eye movements are used as a way of communicating from the dream to the researchers in the lab, just like they used when lucid dreaming was scientifically proven for the first time.

After an exploration, lucid dreaming, WILD’s/ Out of body experiences and recording my physical body, I proved, to myself and hopefully to you as well, that it is possible to signal with the help of nostril expansions! indeed!

It sounds extremely funny, but it’s totally real!

So lately I have been building up a few profiles on the net to spread out this information and more!
I’m psyched about this! Especially I’m guessing in a more scientific point of view for future use under Lab conditions, I definitely reached new levels of dream geekiness making these videos.

You are welcome to watch the short video where I threw a few words about it on Instagram @BeyondLucidity :

Or the full and detailed video on YouTube:

And you are absolutely welcome to support follow/subscribe to help get the algorithm spread the knowledge.

I hope I made it to the right section posting about this, I also did not see any rules about self advertising, so I hope this is alright, if not please let me know.
As someone who opened a community myself I do like to respect and keep up to the rules.

Where else will this develop?
The unknown is around the corner haha, but really, it seems that it could have potential from a research point of view as well, and it’s also simply something that each of us can play with at home, understand times from our dreams and who knows what else…

It is not recommended to signal while having a cold hehe

Keep it Lucid dreamers :fire: