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You worry too much.
It is also written in the bible that we won’t know when the 2nd coming of Christ is, that we cannot know the day, month, and year of this. (The 2nd coming of Christ is an indicator of the Biblical “End of Days”, according to the scriptures. Only after the 2nd coming will we know who the Antichrist dude is)
And the fear that the nation will burn…that’s like…George Bush’s personal fear. It is unfounded, and as likely as any other doomsday plot. If such plot were to happen, it would be out of the timeline from Revalations, and would be unrelated to the Bible.

Don’t worry, we got a bit more to go through. Don’t go off believing the Mayan’s Dec. 21st 2012 doomsday either. It’ll probably be a bunch of hysterical 13-moon calendar believers that would make the doomsday. I’m saying that, Mayans may have been good astronomers, but they have no grounds to me making doomsday prophecies.

What I mean is, I’ll laugh in your face when America still lies on the earth intact when 2007 comes around, and the same for 2013. (As if humans know when the real fun is gonna start).

Excerpt from the song “Disciple” by Slayer:

Pessimist, Terrorist targeting the next mark
Global chaos feeding on hysteria
Cut throat, slit your wrist, shoot you in the back fair game
Drug abuse, self abuse searching for the next high
Sounds a lot like hell is spreading all the time
I’m waiting for the day the whole world ****ing dies

Man made virus infecting the world
Self-destruct human time bomb
What if there is no God would you think the ****in’ same
Wasting your life in a leap of blind faith
Wake the **** up can’t ignore what I say

He’s got it down :smile:
Don’t worry about the end of days kind of thing. It’ll happen, and worrying is whorthless. Enjoy life now!

I’m sorry, don’t worry about the last post.

It is just that there’ve been many fakes making false prophecies in the past. No mortal man or angel can know the actual day or time the curtains go down on earth.
Only God knows. I look out the window, and I see the same buildings, the usual green grass growing everywhere. I’ll know when I see scorched earth if you’re right, and I’ll pay $20 if you are.

Well for a non biblical/religious point of view (since I do not believe in either) my greatest concern is the environment. Last year we saw some of the worst storms in history. There was the Tsunami, hurricanes Katrina and Rita (the most powerful storm in recorded history) and of course the typhoon that hit Australia.

This winter was one of the warmest I have ever seen (where I live) and now that we are in spring the temperatures are unusually cold. They are even talking about snow tomorrow.

Some scientists say that they are seeing climate patterns that are similar to the last ice age.

I am not worried about god, the bible or any other organize religion. I am not even all that concerned about bird flu. But, climate change does worry me. It is something we are seeing. We can look at it. We can feel the effects of it. Some say it is just a natural weather cycle, yet others claim it is due to global warming caused by the release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. While there may be legitimate disagreement as to what is causing it, I do not think there is any doubt that it is coming. The only X factor is when.

Who knows, perhaps the Mayans were more in tune with the earths cycles than we realize.

I wouldn’t be too concerned with prophecies and whatnot, I think(and this is just my opinion) that they’re a bunch of bullshit. I mean sure the earth is having a rough patch when it comes to storms but the majority of meterologists agree that the earth has cycles (deca-something, can’t remember the term at the moment) in which some times the natural disasters like hurricanes are more intense for several years and then it transitions into a phase of low-intensity storm patterns…also keep in mind that the most recent hurricanes were some of the most intense recorded storms. Hell, for all we know there could’ve been storms five times stronger a couple of thousand years ago, they just weren’t recorded. You can throw all the similar events foretold in the bible or whatever at me but in the end its just a coincidence IMO, prophecies are usually quite ambiguous (thus open to diverse interpretation). Someone in the world will tell a religious group every year that THIS year IS indeed the year of reconing, and what happens? Nothing. :neutral:

I do believe I said recorded storms and we have been recording them for a long time.

Yes, while we can not prove it there is evidence that suggests there have been far worse storms in our planets history.

I just want to be clear on this because the last thing I want to be accused of is throwing around biblical phrases. :smile:

Anyway, it does not matter if you are a person who believes that climate change is a natural cycle or caused by man via global warming. My opinion is that it is a little of both.

Regardless of what your belief is, you can not deny that we are on the road towards some kind of major event.

When I say on the road I do not mean today, tomorrow or even in 10 years. The truth is that we just do not know. The scientist on both sides of the argument don’t know. Both sides just say it is not a question of if but when.

We do know that the earth as seen many ice ages. The last one was at the end of the revolutionary war and that was called “the little ice age”. I am not an alarmist but a realist. If it is true that the earth does experience major climactic events (as part of its natural cycle) then it is only logical to assume that at some point we will also experience such an event.

I believe that global warming and climate change are real. However, like everyone, I thought “not in my life time” then the earth opened a big can of wop A$%%^% on us. Today the pacific ocean is 5 degrees warmer than normal and scientific predictions for this year are that a major hurricane will hit the NE US.

So will “it” happen in my life time? I am not sure any more. I hope not, but I can not say for sure it wont.

Anyway it is late and I am supper tired so it is probably not the best time to get into a major debate. I just hope all of this makes sense.

Good night and happy dreaming. :smile:

I could only read that stuff for a few miniutes before I peed myself. I am now shaking in my boots, and am conteplating just killing myself to avoid this awful apocolypse. :cry:

JUST KIDDING!!! :tongue:

This just looks like another group of paranoid people who are either severly disturbed or have taken WAY to many drugs(or both). I find it sad that some people actually take time out of their day to scare people and write this bullsh*t.

Oh God, not another one. I’ve seen lots and lots of prophecies saying the world is about to end, blah blah blah. They said it was going to end in '99, in '00, in '01, '02 and all years up until now. Every sect and church has their own date for the Armageddon.
Sure, it’s going to end, nothing lasts forever, it may even end sooner than we think (there are a LOT of things threatening us at the moment actually) but it’s definitely not going to be because of some prophecy, some God, some Satan or anything like that. Most likely, we’re either gonna pollute the earth until it breaks or nuke ourselves.

I wouldn’t worry about it too much. shrug Whatever happens, happens.

I agree with rad.

(I was gonna mention the cycles of hurricanes the way rad did, but he beat me to it)

People have something more dangerous to worry about than nature. They have themselves. The Collective Stupidity of many people have likely caused more deaths than all natural disasters combined. (I have gathered no proof, but look at war, drugs, alcohol, and all-around hate.)

fear = enslavement.

don’t fret over anything.

also, I just stumbled across a perplexing text in Romans last night that states that God consented for all state authorities to be in power and that we are to obey them…

this site clearly hates the government … why is God messing with everyone’s heads? Why would he be so hateful, angry, wrathful, to his creatures that are doing the best they can…

I’m pretty open-minded, but one thing I refuse to believe is that a murdering and wrathful, yet so-called benevolent God, that I cannot feel nor see, will one day come down from…well…everywhere (try and work that one out)and judge us all. The best situation that can arise from that would be that I was permitted entry into heaven, Which seems like the most perfectly, suicidally dull and innane place that anyone could dare to imagine.

Why do people always insist on scare-mongering and judging in the name of religion? As far as I’m concerned God is a figment of someone’s imagination; created becuase they’re too scared of unanswered questions (which have since been answered). In essence, religion solves the two things which people, quite naturally, cannot understand or live comfortably with: Injustice, the fact that good things happen to bad people, and bad things to good people; and death. When will people start to be a little critical of what you are force fed when you’re too young to know any better? The niavety of religion never fails to stun me.

A good analogy is that if I were to tell you that cats were actually aliens, and they are spying on humans and observing their progress on earth, you could come up with hundreds of thousands of reasons why I am wrong, for example that from the outside cats seem pretty stupid and unintellegent, but of course we could never disprove that cats are aliens. Furthermore we could always think of unfounded evidence in order to disprove the original unsupporting evidence. For example, we could say that the cats act stupid to try and fool us mere eathlings, and they do a pretty good job; entering into our homes under the guise of household pets.

The same idea follows with religion. I can spend days qouting evidence that disproves God, religion and ‘The Bible’ e.g. the premise of evolution or archeological finds dating to before the creationist thoery of the earth’s age, but, no matter how hard I fight, people will throw quips from ‘The Bible’ and try to think of situations in which all these things could be accounting for (without corroborating evidence of course), and that is why religion continues to flourish.

Ok, rant over. see you on judgement day.