Not being able to do everything i want in my lucid dreams

For some reason, in most of my lucid dreams, I can only do what I think about a lot, like telling people I’m dreaming, ask my subconscious stuff, flying, and creating objects. I can’t do anything else for some reason. Any advice?

I think that’s normal. I have some abilities that come naturally to me and some things I can’t do at all. Creating objects is something I don’t find easy. That’s pretty cool that that comes naturally to you. What kind of things have you managed to make?

I’ve heard people say that when you are lucid you are the master of the dream and control every aspect of it. That’s just not my experience. If anyone does that is good for them, but I wouldn’t expect total control to be the norm.

But yeah there have been plenty of times where I was very lucid and confident and still had limitations on what I could do.

I agree, I’m not the master of my dreams. I can only manipulate them to a degree. I have made food, weapons, and generic objects you’d see every day, but I’ve also made things that don’t exist in real life, like trying to create my own books (mostly filled with gibberish) or a 4th-dimensional object. The 4th-dimensional object is only what I imagine 4D things to be like. I usually create objects to test my brain or help the situation.

Tonight, I’ll try to completely control them to see if I can. Most of the time I’m not completely lucid though, so that might be why I can’t fully manipulate my dreams.