Not convinced

I started to have this LD the other night and I told one of the characters near me. He didn’t believe it. When I tried to fly to show him that I was in fact dreaming he ran over to me and tried to hold me down on the ground. We struggled for a bit and I forgot I was dreaming. Dammit.

I guess he really didn’t want to believe he was a figment of my imagination. :wink:

the same thing happend to me! when i told myself i was dreaming i had to prove it by trying to fly…the dream was about me and another who were chased by the cops because we had had a illigal rave-party in the woods. but the other guy just pulled me down every time i tried to fly and he said we had to get out of there…and what did he think i was doing? :smile:
after a while i really got pissed at him and woke up…

HA HA HA HA that’s way too funny! Let me see if I can remember any. Ummm… oh rats, i can’t remember anything similar to this. :sad: I am certain I had some experiences similar to what you have experienced, but now my DCs are convinced that I am dreaming. They usually accept it and go along with it. :smile: Just don’t give up and DCs will eventually give in and will believe you! I promise! :smile:

Hehehe… well, this guy grabbed me around the waist to hold me down and we really wrestled. When I woke up I thought it was hilarious.

My problem is that only once have I ever been able to achieve a state of lucidity that would allow me to think things through logically. I have had many LDs but I always seem to be struggling to make them clearer and stronger. Well… its a process, right?

Similar thing happened to me, Im on some bus and I decide I have to do a reality check, so I stand up go to the front of the bus and grab the mic and say “Excuse me people, but I have to do a reality check!”
The bus driver looks at me and says “Like hell you will boy!” and he spear tackles me! I wonder if it was a part of my mind trying to stop me from having an LD?

man you guys and your DC stories are so funny. I have yet to lucid and talk to my dream characters. I am still struggling to get my dream recall good enough.

I was in a dream by a playground when I realized when I was dreaming. I turned to my friend and shouted “Dude!! This is a dream!” She just looked at me, patted the slide and said “As long as I have this slide I’m okay.” I stared at her for a moment, grabbed her arm, flew up in the sky and did a dive bomb. She screamed impossibly loud. Hmm…I think I may have told this story somewhere else. Whoops.

Pinkster :lmao:

He was in denial, I bet.