not in my dreams

It has recently come to my attention due to a dream I had last night where two gray blobs walked across a bland background on a computer screen with a “lemmings” like interface, I’m not always IN my dreams. In my dream, I watched these blobs for a while, with movie like camera angles, myself not present in the dream at all. I am in some dreams, so sometimes I can get lucid, but how do I become lucid in a dream when I’m not even there?

It’s not as tricky as it may seem. You can be conscious of a dream without being in it. Only observing. A point of awareness. How to become lucid in dream like that? If you guide your awareness well enough it almost be easier, When you’re awake you are always there, If you can awaken a little in those dreams, you should be able to find you are not in it. Wich is a pretty good dreamsign.