Not Just a Dream ...

I’m in a special class that called : Excellence Class .
And I dreamed that someone tells me to leave this class, and there are a lot of signs too , I always fail , I hear that stress can kill you (I’m in stress!!!) , And my teacher is a bitch that insults my class friends !
You think that I need to leave this class ???

Only you can make that decision. Do what you know is the right choice.

I hope you right but I’ve got hints from god it’s like he wants to say to me something

The way i deal with things like that is if the sign is in my dreams, theres no hesitation. I do what my subconscious tells me because its the only true vioce. Its takes away every pointless factor and gives you the answer. I try not to take life too seriously, such as putting too much work on myself that i know is not a necessity to my well-being.

Hope i helped :smile:

I just feel that I need to do that , guess I will hace to dream LD to know what my
sub-conscious thinks …

The subconcious is a system of previously held beliefs, that can be very, very, wrong.

Decide for yourself.

Huh? :confused:

I’m a little confused this “excellence class” is a class in real life…like at school?

And then you dremed the rest…like the insults, failing, and no bueno teacher?

Yeah, I’m a little confused too. Did you dream the person telling you to leave the class, or the teacher being cruel? Both? Neither?

Ultimately its your decision, but I would say if the teacher is like that and most of this happened IRL then it might be time to consider dropping the class.

Clarification, however, would still be quite helpful.

everything here is IRL but I dreamed a dream the I need to drop out,

I’d quit then. Or you could sit next to your class friends and parcitce giving him “The Look” at the same time. It can work wonders.

What do you mean “The Look”?

Yes, you should leave that class, if it causes you any pain, or emotional damage.
But not if it only stresses you out, many people get stressed out in school. If it’s just that, than try to stick with it or try stress management techniques. :tongue:

Also I got hints to go to a special School , like Fame in New york (I live in Israel) that called Thelma Yalin.
We leanrnd English and There was a text about in the book , in the internet there was a pop - up of Thelma YAlin …
So it’s Confusing.
In my class the stress is over normal stress

By “The Look”, I mean TEH EBIL EYE!!1!

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This was my dream :

I bet you’re a Seventh-to-Ninth Grader?
I live in Israel too,
I’m in the seventh grade,
Excellence doesn’t sounds fun,
I think you should do fun in your life,
Go to a normal class,
I say, School isn’t important,some people who didn’t went to school
became Multi millionaires
Wait,Do you mean Excellence as מצויינות 2000?
החוג הזה שיש בחטיבה? :open_mouth:
Sorry for the hebrew,I’m trying to understand this guy,What does he mean by saying Excellence.

Yes , it’s not חוג it’s a special class.