Not Lucid But Have Levitation Power

Dream: I’ve discovered that I can levitate using the will of my mind. There’s a boy with short brown hair about my age (17). I am suddenly in his front yard and he’s standing in front of me. I show him that I can levitate and he pulls his phone out and is videotaping me doing it. I start levitating upwards between these two huge trees and when I reach about 30 feet there is a neon blue hammock (Identical to the one in my back yard in real life) so I get in. This is the first day of my life I’ve begun levitating so I tell the boy i’m not risking going any higher today and have reached my goal. While i’m floating in the air way up with my legs criss cross I tell him how I can feel the center of gravity in myself. It takes focus to balance while doing this. He wants me to go in his house with him. I follow him to the front. There’s a glass door to the right. I’m trying to go to his room. I think about going in there. I wonder if his family is in there and suppose I could just walk in and casually ask him mom where his room is… He goes into a doorway on the left. I shout “Where is your room?” He says “this way” so I go in to the left. I go in and there is this tall , narrow, weak stirofoam stair case it goes straight up 3 or four levels and folds over itself like Zs stacked on top of eachother. It is many colors in patches like a rainbow. But it’s a place that makes me feel very chlostorphobic and not at ease. I go up a few levels and become scared it’s gonna collapse under my feet. I start going back down and the walls begin getting more narrow with each level down I go and I almost get stuck between them. As I exit the front door and start walking across the front yard to leave, I hear a little kid’s voice behind me telling someone " He is running away" I go back to between the trees looking for my headphones for some reason and think maybe I left them in the hammock. I stand under and jump up towards it with a lot of strength and use my mind will to make that jump carry high. I wonder if that’s the trick basketball players use. I check the hammock and it’s empty.

… and with not being lucid it stopped you from continuing up. It’s a shame that even in a normal dream that you didn’t realise you could have levitated out of this danger and continue upwards.

Welcome to ld4all. :welcome:

Yes it is and thanks for the welcome. I got into LD for a while(9 months) but lost motivation to continue all my efforts to be a good lucid dreamer and stopped but now im back on it so i figured id sign up to this cool community of dreamers! Lol