not sleeping

:sad: i sleep when i should be gettin up for school which is 6 and im not sure wats wrong with me i havent gone to school in a week

you seem to have messed up your “body clock”
to get it back to normal you will have to alter the time you wake up and so make yourself tired at the right time of night… some people even keep themselves awake all the following day and then have an early night in order to get back to normal quickly.
if you live in a country that allows you to buy melatonin this can really help you to get your sleeping habits back to normal.

This could be an early sign of depression or other psychological-induced mental disorder. If you’re not quite confident about how’s your life, you should look for help.

Seriously, it may not be nice to admit the possibility of having a disorder, but I assure you looking for help is the only way out, so if you think that might be it, please consider looking for medical assistance.

i went to the doctor today and i stayed up all last night and im super tired i think im gonna be able to go to bed early now thanks

:thumbs: good luck thegame27, I hope you get your normal sleeping rhythm back

haha interesting that im doing the exact same thing at the moment, skipped sleep because i’ve been sleeping between 4-6am. There’s never enough hours in a day for music and art

When I have trouble sleeping, I find that adding a physical excersise routine to my day helps. After about a week my insomnia goes away, and I feel alive and alert during the day :smile: