Not Sticky: the NOT SO BIG "Hi, I'm old here!" top

Hello. I’m back. I’ll be on and off the forum. I hope to have more LD’s.

Ohh those old people…

Welcome back to the dinosaur club :happy:

Vergeet je Nederlands niet :wink:

Come now people, don’t keep the elderly waiting!

Since when have you been old technodreamer? Nice to see you around again. I hope you realise you took your little devil into a war zone in 123 testing but he should be O.K. because he looks evil. :cool_laugh: [/b]

Welcome back Elder Technodreamer. :wink:

Now I feel so old… sighs I have been coming here for so long… soon on Dec. 11th, it’ll be my one year b-day with ld4all. Time flies by too fast. :eh:

Welcome back :grin:

Can’t say I’d be considered “old” on the forum, but nice to see someone coming back :smile:

Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana. :happy:

Sage wow, I love that quote!!! I’ll add that to my collection of quotes. Thanks!

My anniversary was last week, and I couldn’t agree more. What happened to the last year? :tongue:

I know… where did year went by? :wow: sighs Time is a mysterious thing… it never can be slow, fast, nor normal. :tongue:

And yes, congrats to you Atheist! :beer:

Congratulations then Atheist with your birthday last week!



i dont know if im considered an oldbie on the forums, but ive been going on the chat for i dont know how long :smile:
congrats on the birthdays guys ^^

New avatar? Me like. :happy:

Hello and hello good ol’ seniors, and seniors, minors and majors…

How dare you be rude to the elderly. lol. I joke.Thanks everyone

Hmmm… I suppose I’ve been going here for quite some time too… About 5 months. Very rough estimate. Am I old?