Not thinking Clearly

I had my second LD last night. It was one of the coolest dreams ive had in a while, I might put it in a DJ.

I had several false awakenings (one were I woke up as someone else.) Its also the first time an RC has worked for me, I looked at my hands and half my pinky was gone.

The thing is, event when I was lucid I wasent thinking very clearly. How about you? Do you think clearly during LDs? Does it get easyer to think clearly the more LD experience you have?

Try shouting “Increase Lucidity” or something.

From my experience how clearly you think is based upon your level of lucidity or how clear your awareness that you’re dreaming is. If I am highly lucid then I tend to think and remember just as i do in waking life, in lower-level LD’s I tend to forget things i wanted to do or struggly with dream control. Bigmac’s technqiue is an excellent one if you want to improve lucidity and be in a clearer state of mind.

I don’t think clearly either most the time, but try just stopping for a second and gathering evrything, just say to yourself your dreaming and think about what to di rather than just go along and do anything like i always seem to do.

It’s just like Lucidity_Master said. It depends on how lucid you are.
And shouting “increase lucidity” is an excellent and simple way to increase your level of lucidity. Just don’t get too excited :wink: