Not working

I’ve Been trying LD’s with MILD for a week and a half.
I keep telling myself “i’m will be Dreaming and I will reconise i’m dreaming.”
Any Tips?

Do Wake-Back-to-Bed with MILD, if possible. If it’s not possible, do it anyway! :tongue:

For a week and a half?! You need to keep at it longer, man… It took me about 2 weeks to get my first FILD and a long while to really understand WILD…

Really belive what you say. Don’t be a broken record, put emphisis on what you say. Also, think about a dream you’ve had earlier, and evision you becoming lucid in it.

Good luck and happy hunting.

do research.

This is not to you alone, but to all potential lucid dreamers. There are pages and pages of tips and hints, all organized nicely on almost all LD sites. Just google ‘lucid dreams’ and READ.

Forgive me if I come of harsh, but when I first started lucid dreaming I felt it would be a good idea to look up at least some basics and only ask specific questions.

Now, for your problem. Lucid dreaming takes time and dedication. just don’t worry about having one or not having one. Focus on your techniques, RCs and dream journal, and everything will fill in from there. That’s all, good luck, and sorry for spouting a little at the beginning of this reply.

It should be easier with WBTB… also, don’t just say the same thing over and over again, cuz then your mind will probably drift off, try saying different things all the time and don’t forget to do as many RCs as you can! :content:
Good luck on the LDs :cheer:

Maybe WILD suits you better, but anyway, keep trying MILD for now, a week and a half isn’t that long. I’ve been trying for half a year now, but I was doing it wrong in the beginning and I pretty much gave up. But now I’m getting really close.

:ok: Don’t give up! You can do it! :ok:

cool thz for the advise every1

Keep a dream journal and make a habit out of doing reality checks.

Set yourself a goal. Such as “I want to have at least one lucid dream per week in 3 months time”.

Then really STICK to that goal. Think about lucid dreaming every day. Practise it every night and do RCs every day. Put post-it notes on your computer screen, in your car, in your mobile phone to remind you to keep thinking about lucidity.

Effort and determination are the biggest factors to success in this endeavour. And BELIEF in yourself that you will achieve your goal, not just wishing.