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So for two nights I listened to a binaural beat/lucid dreaming meditation as I was falling asleep. It didn’t help at all. Then I heard it mention “Lucifer” and I instantly jumped up and turned it off

Last night I decided not to take melatonin. I had been taking it thinking maybe it would give me lucid dreams bc I would sleep more. I had a dream about lucid dreaming. I was in a theatre and I ran to the stage and said that everyone can lucid dream. It was a vivid good dream after 2 scary dreams of a cult that wanted to kill me. But even though I was talking about lucid dreaming in the dream I did not become lucid but I did control the dream - a guy had no legs and he called me onto the stage and I looked at him, looked back and then he had legs.

I am so frustrated that I haven’t been having lucid dreams. What else can I do to make them happen?

If you had control of the dream, that is still a form of lucidity/awareness.
A good chunk of dreams (Rem dreams) happen towards the end of the night so if you feel like you should get up for the day because it’s morning, try and spend one last session or attempt at sleep. It won’t take up too much time and lucidity has an increased chance of happening towards the end of the night
That definitely happens with me. I sometimes have 3-4 dreams in the final 30 minutes of sleep.

What way were you listening to the binaural beats? They pretty much only work with headphones on because of the way the sound is implemented.

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I wasnt aware it was a dream though. there was so much i could have done with that dreamscape but i didnt, i missed the chance.

I was listening to a guided lucid dream meditation to see if it would help induce a lucid dreams.

I sleep in pretty late anyways, I dont have a job and am on disability. so i will work on early morning dreaming.

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