Nothing But You.

What is keeping you from Lucid Dreaming? Because as cliche has this may seem, nothing is holding you back but yourself.

Is it the necessary time? Are you unable to devote as much as you would like? Either due to school, work, or other responsibilities?

It may possibly be the fact you have not experienced such an altered state of consciousness. Is doubt holding you back?

Could it be fear? Fear of the unknown?

It might possibly be a matter of health. Do you need more sunlight? Better Nutrition? This plays a much bigger role than many would care to admit.

If none of those is may be the simple notion that “It’s just not that important to me.”

I have found the best way to induce Lucid Dreaming, for me, is to study my regular non-lucid dreams. According to numerous phycologists, including the world-famous Sigmund Freud, we dream about our inner most desires and internal problems.

I often dream about smoking, such a deadly habit I have become to overcome. I also regularly dream about women, either ex-girlfriends or unknown random participants. Again, sexual lust is one of my daily struggles. I dream of work as well, which I often loathe going to on most days to the point it even affects my days off because of my obsessive nature reminding me “You have to go to work tomorrow”. That dream seems to be a manifestation of my constant struggle with living in the true moment. The now.

I say all that to say this. I believe the more you become in-tune with your dreams the easier they will become to decode. If you take these “lessons” and work on them during your waking life you will simply not have any “internal issues” to work out leaving an open slot or “clean conscious” for Lucid Dreaming. Are we following…?

Again, you are the sole reason you do not have Lucid Dreams. There is no outside force mandating that you will not gain lucidity.

I also suggest combining methods. Performing daily reality checks along with WBTB & WILD. Early morning appears to the best time for most. Try afternoon naps as well. Find what works for you. Nothing is holding you back. And the very night I reminded myself of this with the use of mantras, which I also highly recommend MILD, I had the longest most vivid Lucid Dream of my young Oneironaut Career.

… Thoughts???

I have to Second that For Truth so badly. The whole thing, from the biggest hurdle being the conscious, to the interpretation of dreams to clear space for LD’ing.

Great post, Opposite Day, I feel so refreshed now. (may add more thoughts later)

Thanks… I personally found it to be true.

I’d love some more input on whats “holding you back” from Lucidity…

We are not used to it, we are not used to lucidity; and by lucidity, I mean being truly attentive and responsive to the ouside world, the attention being fueled by the constant awe one can feel for his/her everchanging and fascinating surroundings, made of people, places, events, and nature. Just the awe for life itself could be enough, let alone all the beauty one can find if (s)he looks in the right places.

We are not used to take the steering wheel of our life into our hands, and deciding what to do that day; instead, we just let life live ourselves, filling us with its obligations and duties, believing we can’t truly enjoy such moments in life, and we can only find pleasurable what society labels as such.

We are not used to take the big decisions in life, like facing our past, our spiritual issues, our life issues in general, that are best left forgotten, in a recess of our mind, waiting for the right moment to solve them… while, on their part, they continue tormenting us with their voice, filling our thoughts, and leaving us no place for simple silence, peace for ourselves.

We are not used anymore in believing in ourselves and our possibilities, seeing as they sell products to enhance pretty much everything these days, making us forget little by little, that we are more than capable ourselves of such feats.

But we can change that. Starting with dreams, the everyday creak into our SC and deeper mind, to learn who we truly are, what our real problems consist of, and how we can find the way back into the pilot’s cabin. :smile: