Nothing can proove that...

Nothing can proove that were not dreaming right now can there? Could it be a “real” dream? We cant do reallity checks but maybe deja vous subsitutes that???

Yeup - it could be just some sort of long and consistant dream. Like the Matrix :cool:.

Nothing can prove either that all reality is actually a movie fed to our consciousness by a big fat pink hairy deamon.

I always to think when I was a kid that the earth was just a marble… A the other planets were also marbles. And some kind of man or child was playing with it out there. So we were just the toy of something mysterieus…

Yeah… or maybe… we’re some kind of organic computeer program designed by Deep Thought to find the big question. And maybe mice are really from another dimension.

(read hitchhikers guide to the galaxy… it’s an amusing book… and they really butchered it when they made it into a movie.)

Just like Men In Black, eh? :razz:
(Isn’t that the movie when those big aliens play with the planets in the end?)
Oh, and btw if this is all a dream… i bet it must be the biggest shared dream ever :content:
but i don’t belive that everything is a dream, even tho it’s a cool thought. I wonder who’s dream it would be :smile:

It’s my dream and you’re all just DC’s.

Yes - you’re just a figment of my imagination adn have to do what I say :wink:.

How do you know your not my DC Sureal :wink:

that’s crazy, why would I be in YOUR lucid dream?

I may be just a DC, but I will not do what you say! :hehe:

Ha! I saw the Men in Black marbles thing when I was a kid too. I thought it was real then. But really, the Matrix describes it better. I tried to watch the matrix when I was younger, but never got it. I just saw it again, like, two weeks ago or something. Now I wanna see the other movies. But, yes, it’s possible. I think I need to see it again because I keep on thinking about it and it’s starting to make my head hurt. And it was a little hard to take it all in the first time.

And assuming that this all is Sureal’s dream, it’s still not an LD because I don’t think he really believes it’s just a dream :wink: