Nothing for 2,5 months..


I used to have quite a loot of LDs i usualy had about one each week. but now i havent had anny lucid dream for a really long time.
What should /me do??

Are you still as motivated as you used to be ? Was there any changes in your life that might explain it ? Did you have them through specific techniques or was it natural ? Do you think I ask too many questions ? :tongue:

I think the main factor is the motivation i have completly stopped writing in my dream journall… Wait a second… :eek: MayB im having loots of lucid dreams… but cant rember them… GAAA!!!
Must keep DJ… :user:

hehe im having the same problem and i have to admit for me its because of lazyness ^^
Just try to get some motivation again then it should be ‘working’ again and as ‘experienced’ LDer the LDs should return quickly (i hope ^^)

I myself went through a pretty large dry spell. And then I started having maybe 1 or 2 a month, now its around 4-10 a month.

I wish I could be of some help, but honestly I dont do any induction methods or even RCs during the day, unless something supprises me and I’ll do a quick RC. All my LDs are DILDS.

I dont know why more people dont have frequend DILD s or working induction techniques.

You’ll just have to keep at it.

I have totaly lost the motivation to RC… But im trying 2 rember and my lucid clock is on repair… It was this watch i used to wear wich beeped once every hour and then i would allwas make sure that i was awake.

OMFG… that’s an amazingly good ideea. I’ve got one of those watches, I’ll try it!

Same thing is happening to me, also probably because I failed to write stuff in my journal. I have really cool dreams tho! I know it because in the morning i always try to sleep as much as possible in order to finish the dreams, but I forget them afterwards :happy: i just remember they were cool. I will write them down.

I know wath you mean Meatbog. I had this SERIOSLY COOL starwars dream where this where like this über dream and i was like some sort über 1337 ninja. And it was so cool but i can only rember small fragments. But it was definatley cool…