Nothing the past 5 days.

Well for the past 5 days I have remebered nothing of my dreams. The night before this I had 3 nd and now nothing :sad: . Does this mean I should take a break or something like that? If it’s motivation then I am still motevated I want to have one more then ever.

This happens to everyone once in a while. I suggest that you don’t take a break. When I have dream recall dryspells I just keep trying until I start remembering them again.

5 days, no dream recall, not the end of the world. Although dry spells are annoying, it’s really not terrable to have them, as they usually end with more lucid dreams (in my experiance). Don’t worry about it, everyone has them, just take it easy for a while and have fun with the forum, and pretty soon you’ll be back on track!
Good luck! :grin:

Yes I agree. It’s a good thing that you’re motivated because this always increases the chance to remember your dreams. Also, when you wake up, really take some time to search for dreams in your memory. Then I’m sure your dreams will soon come back.