Nova Dreamer needing a new home...


I’ve just been reading through some of the posts in this section, and see that many of you are interesting in the Nova Dreamer, but naturally aren’t keen on the price.

I’m in the process of selling my nova dreamer via ebay - and would much prefer it’s new home was with a keen LD enthusiast that to just some ebay browser.

Now I know this is essentially advertising, and I did think twice about posting - but after reading all the posts about Nova Dreamer’s, and knowing how many of you are looking for one - albeit cheaply - felt that it was worth letting you know about it as I’m letting it go very cheaply.

It’s the whole package, with computer interface - and all the additional tapes, audio cd, book and course.

As to why I’m selling it…

I’m simply not able to dedicate enough attention to LD’ing - Currently in the process of starting a business, and as you know Lucid Dreaming is pretty much impossible if it’s not a large part of your daily focus and attention.

I can’t see myself spending time on LD in the near future, so would rather somone else get the use.

If anyone is interested just say so, and I’ll post the link - or email if the moderators would prefer.

I’m in the UK, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem shipping internationally.


ps Moderators - apologies in advance if the post wasn’t appropriate, just thought it may be of value to some members.

No prob BenUK, I’m sure there are people who want to buy a NovaDreamer, but it’s hard to get one these days especially when you live outside the US. If you want to know what I mean, just check out the site of Lucidity Institute. :neutral:

You haven’t stated how much you want for it.

Thanks for comments BrainHacker.

It’s up on auction - starting at £1, and running for another 7 days - so buyers will decide how much it goes for.

The long and messy link is… … egory=1523

Alternatively, head over to, and do a search on:

“Learn to lucid dream”

My listing should pop up.

Thanks again for interest and support.

I want to buy him, in the first place for 10 Euro. Anyone more?

Dammit, I only just found out about that auction, I’d have bid on that if I’d found it earlier :bored:

EDIT: Ben, if you put it up for auction again, I’d definatly bid on it :smile:

me too!! :cool_laugh:

The auction didn’t end, it was canceled.

“The seller ended this listing early because the item is no longer available for sale.”

Did you get an offer? :wink: