Nova Dreamer

Has anyone used the nova dreamer? How well does it work? I am pretty good at lucid dreaming but if I could buy something that would give me more lucid dreams I think it would be worth the money.



I have a NovaDreamer, and to be honest, I haven’t done that much work with it. I seem to be a very hard sleeper because the times I have used it, I’ve awakened to find that the device gave me 15 o 16 cues, and I don’t even remember dreaming.

Truthfully, the best lucid dreaming I’ve done has been the old-fashioned way with auto-suggestion, getting plenty of sleep, etc.

If I have any breakthroughs with the Nova, will report.

For me the NovaDreamer worked very well for about six months after which I stopped seeing the cues in my dreams. Those six months were worth every penny I paid though, as it really kickstarted my lucid dreaming ability. Even after the cues failed to work, I still had many lucid dreams just from using the reality test button, which often converted my false awakenings into lucid dreams.

I’d love to try something like this, I wish I had the money. I could use a good LDing kickstart :smile: