Nova Dreamer

Hi, I would like to sell my Nova Dreamer. After four years of dreaming lucid I am able to dream lucid without it. However, it works fine. Although I am from Germany I could sell the Nova dreamer with ebay. You can see the Nova Dreamer at www.fabianweb/Verkauf.htm.

Let me also know if you have made any experiences with the Nova Dreamer or any other dream advices.


Thanks for the offer, but could you please give more details first about what “it works fine” means? Did you just put it on and got lucid or did you have to do a lot of preparation? How much LDs did you have before using novadreamer and how much while using it? In what aspects did you find this thing to be helpful, why should we buy this thing instead of trying all the free methods that are available? Convince us :wink: Good-luck :smile:

Lucid Dreaming with the Nova Dreamer requieres patience. You need to learn to recognize the REM queues. Having recognized the cues you will integrate the flashing lights into the dream.

How the Nova Dreamer works
The special mask has a sensor to detect your eye movements. When your eyes are moving rapidly from side to side, the device determines that you are in REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, flashes red lights in your eyes for two seconds - and beeps too if you’ve selected this option. The unit will flash and beep again every five minutes while you are in REM sleep.

Flexible programming
To customize the Nova Dreamer’s operations to your needs, you can select cue brightness and duration, flash frequency, sound, alternating flashes in the left and right eyes, and varieties of cueing patterns. Feedback: The Nova Dreamer will tell you how many cues you received during the night so that you can readily adjust it for maximum effectiveness.

Compact and comfortable
The electronics are in the soft, flexible sleep mask. There are no attached wires or separate units. Battery power: No electric cords needed. Operates on two AAA batteries.

Your Nova Dreamer will tell you how many cues you received during the night so that you can readily adjust in for maximum effectiveness.

Hope this answers some of your questions.


Try this link:
Does anybody have a Super NovaDreamer for sale?

You can find other Novedreamer related topics if you use the forum’s Search feature and type in “novadreamer” … but remove the quotes.

for some reason your link does not work for me.
How much u wanna sell it for?

There is plenty of material included into the Nova Dreamer package. Have a look:
The price: I thought of 125 Dollar.

the price is fair.If i only had 100 right now,been thinking of buying it second hand for a while.
doh,i spent my cash for renovating my rooms and now i guess some ppl will not find anything under christmas tree:).
if it stays another 2 mnths or so,i might drop you an email.
take care

Is the mask comfortable even for those that sleep on their sides? Thats my big worry.

I have always wanted to try it but I think that I will stick with trying to train my mind the old faashined way for now… because I’m broke. :sad:

That’s my main concern also. I just don’t know if I would be able to sleep with something like that on. Although, given the results of my current experiment (sleeping with loud ambient noise) I guess it would just be a matter of learning to do it.

Alternatively, you can use alcohol. Just apply a suitable amount until it suddenly becomes confortable sleeping on a bunch of scattered thumb-tacks. :grin: