Now I know what you mean.

Hey good people. For a while I was wondering how anyone could be semi lucid in a dream. To me you were lucid or not lucid. Had a dream last night though that was messing with my mind. I was sitting at my desk at work when I suddenly thought “is this a dream?”. I read some text and then read it again and it was different. I thought yes Im dreaming. I got up and walked into the next room and all of a sudden was not so sure so I said to myself if this is a dream a hot looking girl will walk in the room. 2 seconds later this girl in a red dress walks in, waves at me and then walks out. I thought there you go, I am dreaming but 2 seconds later I thought she wasnt that hot so mabye its not a dream. Any way to cut what is getting a long post short I spent the next 5 minutes doing reality checks that showed me I was dreaming everytime only to doubt them in the next breath. I woke up feeling excited that I had a LD (havent had one for about 3 weeks) but dissapointed that I wasted it. Sorry about the length of the post but its midnight and Im at work bored.


Sorry,but your “hot girl test” is one ofe the coolest failed RCs i ever heard of :happy:

I have sometimes dream that i have a lucid dream,but still i am not lucid,that’s wierd…
Or i know that nothing is real,but i DON’T now that i am dreaming,instead i think that i am in a perfect computer game or something…


I’ve been haveing semi-lucid dreams quite a bit, mostly I think I’m lucid but I arn’t really. eg, i’m in a ‘bad dream’ and I figure out that i’m dreaming, but I arn’t lucid, because I don’t do anything about it.
Sometimes I figure out I’m dreaming, and think, “oh, that’s good, I can do backflips to impress all these girls” but I think that’s all I can do, or I think “I’m in a lit cave, and it’s a dream, so something bad’ll happen, like the lights going out”. But I don’t try and change the dream at all.

Yeah, I have them all the time. I think I’m lucid, but I still go along with whats going on.

I’ve had the same kind of dream before…

The last one I had was kinda freaky. I took a nap right before I had to go to class, and I dreamed that I woke up and was late for class so I rushed outside to my car and tried to start it but I couldn’t find my keys. And for some reason I asked myself if I was dreaming. But the weird thing was is that I couldn’t tell, it was so vivid, I could feel textures and everything. I did a reality check and tried to read what was on a pack of cigarettes, but I couldn’t…I saw the design and everything, but couldn’t make out the text. I thought I was drunk or drugged up and started freaking out because I didn’t remember drinking or anything…and that’s about the time I woke up and realized I still had quite a while before my class started. :happy: I guess it’s not really considered a lucid dream since I wasn’t for sure if I was dreaming or not, but it was as vivid as a lucid dream and I was in control for the most part. Weird… :panic: