NREM dream?

I was trying WILD yesterday and then I had probably NREM dream. I am not totally sure what was it. I was boxing with my friend. When I was trying to bang him I actually made a move with my arm, not just in a dream. I had something like that before but this time it wasn’t just a little shaking of hand of leg. I woke up with my arm fully straighten over my head. Than I tried WILD again and it happen again and then once more. I am not surprised that this dream returned because that day I actually had had a boxing match with me friend but I am astonished with my muscles reaction. Does anyone have similar experience?

I don’t think this dream was non-rem as you only dream in REM periods. The reason for that you moved your arm was probably that the sleep paralysis didn’t function fully.

EDIT: I was wrong. Dreams occur also in non-REM periods :smile:

Thats wrong, you can have dreams in non rem sleep, they are just more likely not to be vivid, and harder to remember.

If you are really experienced wilder, you can even wild whenever you want, though its harder to induce in non rem.

There was a topic that went into Non-REM dreams a while back, let me see if I can find it…ah, here it is: … nrem+dream


maybe your mind associated those ‘jolts’ or shocks with the activity of boxing. Those freak me out every time, and they add to my problems when attempting WILD.

just a thought anyways.