*NT "Is there someting I can do to stay in my dreams?


I got a frustrating problem. It happens every time i have a LD. For example i´ll tell you about the LD i had last night:

It started as a ND. I found a fish lying on the ground and it was still alive. So I decided to take it to the river and put it back. So I took it and went to the river which was nearby and i put it back in the water. Then I stood and watched it for a while when it was swimming around in the water. And when it swimmed out to the middle of the river i wanted to follow it so I stardet to fly just above the water. Then I was thinking:

  • Hey! I´m flying! This must be a dream. Then i was lucid. So i flew down the river and i enjoyed the view for a fwe seconds. It was so beautiful. Autumn-coloured forests all around me, mountains and this beautiful little river. Enough with details. I wanted to do something. So i decided to let a salmon jump in the river below me. SPLASH…and nothing more. Everything got black and quiet. Then i tought that I was awake. But when I REALLY woke up in the morning, I understood that it was a False Awakening. :grrr:
    It always happens when I do some action in a LD… :cry:

Is there anyone else who has this kind of problem? I want to do stuff in my dreams…I dont want to wake up… :confused: Is there someting I can do to stay in my dreams? :cry:

The blackness isn’t a FA, but rather it’s the dream ending. I’ve never experinced personally, but other people on this forum have.

I’m pretty sure the trick to fix this is quite simple. Stabalise the dream. So, you could:

Stare down at your hands
Spin around

When you lose visuals, a good method is to rub your hands. Spinning works well too.

Hmmm… Sureal, when you don’t have visuals any more, it’s not easy to stare at your hands :tongue:

Then, when you get visuals back, you can perform a RC to be sure you are always dreaming.
PS : Turbopotta, you should give your thread a more explicit title if you want it to be noticed. :grin:

Well, it may be possible… maybe… somehow…

runs off and hides

(hey, I said I’ve never experinced it before :wink:)

It HAS to be a FA! Because it felt like i woke up. I thougt that I was awake. Even if it was all black, i thougt that I was awake. Kind a wired… :confused: But in the morning I understood that it was a FA.

false awakenings are when you dream you wake up from like your bed or something, not thinking your waking up.

Ohh this happens to me everytime i have an LD these days. I tend to lose my concentration and fall back into normal dreaming-mode. One time i managed to stay lucid by telling myself “the next scene will be a dream” until i could see things again.

Yeah, the blackness thing happened to me during 2 of my lucid dreams so far. My memory of it is very choppy, but I remember I one part of like everything getting dark and dingy until my dream ended and I exited lucidity. I also remember, usually after things getting dark, being in this black void. It was just total darkness.

My dreams havent looked pretty and vivid so far like so many people describe, just like normal dreams except I realise what’s happening. I’d really like to see all these amazing sights people keep talking about,.

Try to focus on your hands when you begin to lose control. I had such a problem and it seems to work. I would like to know if it works for you too.

About vividness, it seems to be related to the level of lucidity. I just had a good vivid dream few nights ago… but I don’t know how it came. It’s possible that staring at something (like your hands) could help, too. I’ll try to experience this in my next LD’s.