*NT oobe while awake?

original topic: I have a quetion!

Well when i was going to bed after i read some i was focusing and learing my thoughts. I said “tonight i will have a dream a lucid dream itll be about what my thoughts say.” then i started to like have an oobe but im still awake. Is it possible i was having an oobe while awake or was i dreaming what happened (but i hardly doubt it). I really want to know. :smile:


Obe is happening when you awake.Most often,at least in my case:)Actually its when you just on the edge of awake/sleeping…like there was a tiny space between.
You`re doing well:)Good luck:)

In my oobe experiences i was awake when i suddently floated out of my body… And ppl say you are awake when you have an oobe…

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