*NT reverse psychology

OLD TITLE: “I know, ppl are getting sick of me”

Okay, I know I keep saying the same thing over and over today, but I’m just so excited. I had my first LD this morning and they way it came about was reverse psychology. I gave up on LDing and told myself I’d do it next month when I’d have time and it just came. I have 2 reasonably long dreams where I controlled everything. So maybe reverse psych works… have to experiment. Ciao :love:

Having an apathetic attitude often seems to produce results… Think I might try the napping method with no added technique.

Congrats to you :bounce:

Well, this method worked to me too… After reading your post(s) about being passive to lucid dreaming, I decided to be passive to lucid dreaming myself :huh: , and it worked for me! :content: I had my first lucid dream. Thanks to you! :smile:

Yes, Alan Watts called this the “law of reverse effort”, only if you stop TRYING to get something you get it. I am a lazy person, so I like Alan Watts :cool:

Congratulations. I’m glad it worked for you :happy:

:rofl: I’m pretty lazy like that too BrainHacker, sounds like the best way to me.

Hope you have more LD’s Lucidity. :cheesy:

Bye all!

Bah. Nothing ever works for me. I completely stopped trying and totally forgot about it all school year, and havn’t had any.

Yes, I’m bitter.

This reverse effort thing worked for me too.

There was a lack of motivation so I decided to give myself a break, for a week or two and didn’t care about LDs no more. Stopped doing RCs. And then, the next morning, I had 2 short WILDs. ;-D

Um, WILDs? wouldn’t that mean that you’d have to be trying to have them?

Yes, but not trying too hard. You have to let them come to you. :wink: This 2 were totally spontaneous… One moment I’m looking at the hypnagogic images, totally drowsy, and the next thing I know is a white flash, the colors change a bit and I was in the middle of a dream! :smile:

Well as you can see I had success with this method before, but then I forgot all about it :sad: think I’ll give it a new shot again soon :smile:

Hahahaha sure reverse psychology works…

…just look at my signature :smile:

But on a serious note: telling yourself you practice LDing doesn’t mean you will forget about them. It means that you won’t consciously attempt to have them. And personally, I have had the best results when I’m not consciously trying to have them.

Before I go to bed I always write out the date and the approximate time of falling asleep. After 3 months of doing this I once was so tired I didn’t bother but I was “worried” that I wouldn’t be able to remember my dreams. That was the night I had a low level lucid dream (It faded very quickly).

My theory is that as I didn’t fill out my diary, as is habit, it was on my mind and thats why I had it. The same effect may be possible by INTENSE lucid indulgence throughout the day and making the writing of the diary a “holy” affair. Anyone understand this?

For 30 mins ago, I tried this passive thing once more, while trying WILD. In stead of concentrating all the time as I usually do (and I have had very little success, all what I got is a 10-sec LD which was blurry and unclear :sad: ), I just paid a little more attention to the hypnagogics than I would if I was going to sleep the “normal” way. 10 mins later, I found myself to be in that WILD trance! Well I didn’t get time to do very much before I woke up, but this approach seems to be perfect for me :smile: ! Thank you Kaldeko!