[NT] Welcome back Dm7!

Sad news ppl Dm7 is banned by her parents from sealife and Ld4all! :sad:
Just wanted to tell this, so nobody is surprised if we wont hear anything from her for a long time!

I find it very sad :sad:


DM7 has returned, so I changed the topic title :content:

fucking bullshit man.

No way. But Jeff never lies… not about this. How old is DM7? How can they do this? I just met her?? This should be in LD4All news section… this sucks

do you know how long this will last, and why they did it??

Infection0 she is 18!
Well posting it in the news i found go a bit far.
Her parents think chatting and be busy with forums messed up her college year and they took her home, thats why infection0!
They think lucid dreaming is occult and she may not even have a dream diary :sad:

Well ehm infection0…long, it could be very very long till we c her again!
Iam really sorry for her, truly am.


That’s pretty terrible. People (especially parents) should be more open minded about stuff like this.


Jeez, the narrow minded ness of some people. :sad:

DM7, I feel for you.


That was very very odd I just logged onto the net to add DM7’s account of getting to the Lucid Crossroads that she posted at sealife and saw this post.

Parents are always your parents no-one can change that, I don’t pretend to understand why they are doing this or why DM7 has no say but I’m sure it will resolve one way or the other.

No matter now though, DM7 I’m sure your going to be resourceful enough to get round this and log onto a computer somewhere so if your reading this remember.

1- you don’t need a dream diary to LD all a dream diary is doing is forcing you to remember your dreams in minuite detail when you wake. Just quietly sit and go over your dreams in your head each morning.

2 - your visit to the Crossroads came at the last possible moment, keep on getting there, lots of others are trying, who needs a net account when you can meet face to face.

3 - I had to retake my first year at Uni DM7, all the best people do :tongue: infact being an art student I did about 10 days work in a year! :confused:

That sucks… It’s a shame some parents have to think like this…

People shouldn’t be so suspicous of everything. Luckily, I have parents who are happy that I found something to do (Along with martial arts.)… Heck, I even have long conversations with my mother about dreaming and how freak it can be at times.

Everyone should remember that DM’s parents might well be reading this thread and its not going to help if you just slag them off. Maybe say why you disagree that LDing is akin to devil worship and how it does not clash with any of the earths faiths.

What is ‘sealife’?

:sad: She will be missed :sad:

On the other hand they took away her internet and even her dream journal, but they can never stop her from LDing.

It’s very sad that some people can be so small minded.

I have a good feeling that this not the last we hear from her. She will be back.

Yes no doubt she will be missed :crying: She’s one of the keyplayers on this forum and was always trying to help or giving good advice to others, and not only to newbies…
It’s a sad consequence of the general ignorance and misunderstanding of subjective phenomena like LDing or OBEing. If our civilization had a more spiritual foundation instead of our current materialistic everything-must-be-objectively-and-scientifically-provable-in-order-to-have-some-value, then these unfortunate conflicts wouldn’t occur.
However, her parents need to know that LDs are indeed scientifically proven, but they are not really known to the general public. It hasn’t got anything to do with occultism but instead LDs are used for thousands of years in peaceful buddhistic/hindu sects. Furthermore, the current scientific research has only come up with positive effects from LDing. LDs help you to overcome phobias, to heighten your level of creativity, to solve real life problems, to overcome nightmares. They can even help people with their studies. LDs can be of extremely importance for people who don’t have the luxury to travel for instance. In LDs you can live your wildest fantasies like flying, visiting far countries, … The only negative consequences of LDing could be the ignorant reaction of your environment to your practice.
Instead of being considered as an occult practice, LDing should be considered as a shining bright light in the dark, souring, intolerant and narrow-minded western society. I think that if everyone on this planet would be LDing, “peace” will finally become a word with meaning.
Can’t we make a petition or something like that to send to her parents? It’s just a thought… There are enough sites on the web to start a petition.
But I agree, she will be back!


:sad: :nono: :crying:

that’s too bad…

thanks for posting that jeff, i’m glad she was able to tell you about it in time. I hope she can come back sooner or later - i hope her parents will see that depriving her of the things she loves won’t help their daughter.

hang in there DM7, we will meet you in your dreams :angel_fly:

You’re right Q. Let’s all learn to share our dreams, and say hi to DM7.


Don’t worry DM7, they will turn around eventually.

Xenesis, Sealife is a another dream forum created by Explora. He is also here at this forum…i think he posted here about is so do search and typ explora and sealife and you probably can read about it.

Yes its true…this thread was not ment to get angry at her parents they dont do it to be a pest to her they do it from their believes and love for their daugther.
Still i find it very sad, but yes i know she will come through it all in time.
I hope also next year she will do fine at college!

Good idea PasQuale, in our dreams and thoughts we are with her :smile:
I just hope she does fine…at college as well as at home with her parents.

We wont forget you dm7 :smile: Ever!
And thanks for all your posts here at the forum and helping ppl!


No one can stop DM7 from LDing, she’s just too powerful

dream journal will be a problem, but there is much she can learn and practice in dreamtime that will be of use when this is over

We will miss you!
Until then…


This can’t be true : :razz:
She’ll be missed greatly… :oh:

(this is a copy from the reply at Sea Life in case you make it here)

DM7 is 18 years of age and she has a natural ability to dream vividly. This gift occurs naturally and without effort. She is able to recognize the dream as to control her thoughts and actions within that state where most of us participate unconsciously and mechanically, whether we remember such actions in the morning or not. Her talent will remain with her forever, and her ability to act ethically and morally will pervade also in dreams.

Sealife and the “lucid dreaming for all” websites are a form of e-mail no different than a large social group with a variety of cultures, religions, and personalities. Living in isolation of society has negative consequences on the well-being of the individual and their ability to develop and adapt to the world and its people. E-mail is a nice way to get in touch with people in a busy world.

Get well DM7! :happy:
We will miss you

Very sad story indeed :sad: . DM7 is probably the most helpful person on this forum (besides Jeff of course), so she will be missed A LOT.

We shouldn’t blame her parents too much, I’m sure they do what they think is the best for their child. LDing is still very obscure in our society and it will take a long time and effort to change that fact. Fear of the unknown is what we all have to deal with, each one in its own way.

I’m absolutely sure she’ll be back, she’s too talented in this stuff to give it up and she’s too helpful to stay away from this forum. DM7, see you later - the sooner the better :smile: