About me:
I have had over a hundred experiences

You are meant to be aware during your night “head movies” (term coined by Simple Jack played by Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder)

I truly believe a belief in anything higher, God if you wanna call it that is essential to recognizing what Lucid dreams actually are, spirit-body experiences. Religion? Not so much. Spirituality, yes.

That aside the number one tip I can offer is a two parter. Lucid Living. Look that up. Please. If you are serious about the whole concept of dream consciousness. Do that. In a nutshell it’s heightening your awareness while “awake” (a term I use loosely) in an effort to carry over this awareness into your dream state. It’s amazingly helpful. I wouldn’t get hung up on techniques. I believe this to be the holy grail however.

Part 2:
Convince your mind/body/spirit that it is UNNATURAL to NOT be conscious while dreaming once you’ve reached a certain level of spirituality.
I believe dreams are a lesson. A problem we experience to conquer a bad waking life issue. However, once beaten it creates an empty slot to experience lucidity.

Running away from an attacker with a knife. This may represent something you are afraid to look at in your waking life. The mere fact I used that as my example could be an underlying metaphor :meh:

I like to believe dreams hold a purpose. And for me that purpose is to become more holy, an all around better person.

Another tip I find is health. Get healthy. Imagine Lucidity as a club. A Heaven of sorts. Where only the “best” get in. If I were the master of this realm/secret I would prefer my members nice, healthy, spiritual, problem free. Make sense to anyone?

Recap. 3 tips. Spiritual, healthy, and ABOVE all else understand we were meant to be aware during our rest. Not running around some demonic play of illusion put on by some “wizard of Oz” behind a screen of subconscious.

Uh, is this a tip? If so, can you clarify what you’re trying to convey here?

I’m some kind of spiritual materialist, so I apologize if we’re hitting a belief boundary here.

The post was more about the understanding that our original design was to be Lucid and we fell away from that. That was the main tip of the post. I believe that once a dreamer understands that being non-lucid is unnatural and that is fully comprehended internally the mind/spirit will seek to rectify the situation.

I knew that people would get hung up on the “God” thing. I got kicked out a few years ago for my spiritual rants. So I can’t go to deep into that. But my intention is to enlighten people to the idea that dreaming (especially Lucid dreaming) is a spiritual experience in nature. I view Lucidity and Astral projection to be best proof (due to its experiential nature, as oppose to an old desert book) of our true nature.

I stopped trying to convince anyone of intelligent design because by doing so I missed the whole point of them “discovering for ones own self”

But, I’m my opinion, when one treats Lucidity with the proper respect and grand understanding of spiritual exploration, as oppose to a personal playground, it deepens the level of commitment in the mind allowing for greater frequency because it becomes something much much much more than Western society will allow you to believe.

Thank you for the lengthy clarification! :content:

I am of the same opinion about dreaming and LDing, but the thought never even occurred that it could possibly be unnatural to not LD. I’m very interested in philosophy, especially of mind, so I’ll start thinking about it and see how it goes. :smile:

Great posts, by the way. Oh, and sorry for forgetting to say welcome!

Yes, I agree with that. If one embraces LL techniques aren’t necessary any more because LL is a technique that’s holding all techniques or better call it the technique of all techniques… :content: