Numbers and meanings

Each basic number has its meaning…

1- represents the beggining of something.

2- Ying Yang
-Couple (pair)
-Eyes (physical)

3- Triforce

  • Trilogy
    -Ajna chakra
    -Halo novels(books)

4- Seasons
-members of the cranberries (band) :content:

5- fingers and toes (human)


  • Hexagon, natural arrangement of honeycombs.
  • Legs on an insect
  • Points on a snowflake
  • Sides on a cube

7- days of a week.


9- -planets

10- -Capricorn


12- -months has a year
-knights(king Arthur)
-brain nerves
-tribes of israel

13- the best meaning for this # is that of the “BAD LUCK”.

24- hours of a day

50- United States (USA)

60- seconds has a minute (thanks “stormthunder”)
- minutes has an hour

69- very famous sex position

137 - the number of the universe and existence

18 - Holes on a Golf Course

I like the triforce one under 3, obviously a Zelda fan

Not exactly a fan but i;ve played some games like “WindWaker” etc. But im a h-fan of The…

you don’t have one for 6 :razz:

(which is btw the number of the totally cool dream team on sealife :wink: )


  • Hexagon, natural arrangement of honeycombs.
  • Legs on an insect
  • Points on a snowflake
  • Sides on a cube

…you mean 60 seconds in a minute, right? And of course 60 minutes in an hour! :content:

oh yeah :ack: how stupid i am! but look at the bright side…i can add another word to “6”, 6 percent of MY brain was used to make this topic… :grin:

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But i only see 4?

Lets see if you can find one for 57 :tongue:.

languages? countries? :eh:

you should put this on the number 8.

The atoms allways try to get the octet on their outest layer. I mean the group of 8 electrons. I cant put it well in words since I lack english words in chemistry. But you should know what I mean.

hebe, can you explain that a little more? im a little confused… :eh:

I’m not fluent in english either, but I think I know what he ment…
All the chemical elements tend to have 8 electrons in their valent(is this the correct word?) shell… for example, noble gasses all have electron configuration such that their last shell carries 8 electrons, that is why they are not reactive… All the other elements tend to make a chemical bond such that they get 8 electrons, that state is energy balance or something like that…

well, perhaps i should allow a native english speaker to explain this :tongue: :help:

137 - the number of the universe and existence

How come you forgot obvious(and famous)(and pleasant) 69 !?:slight_smile:

Rofl :lol: We were waiting until the Sex God Himself would post about that :tongue:

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Thanks for the tip Jack “the sex god”.

2 - divide even numbers by this
3 - holy trinity (father son holyghost)
primary colors
us government branches
genie wishes
5 - senses
7 - wonders of the world
CDEFGAB (7 notes)
8 - arachnids
valence electrons
9 - the end of single digit land
10 - basis of numbering
inverse log
12 - total music notes (C,Db,D,Eb,E,F,Gb,G,Ab,A,Bb,B)
Carbon (building block of earth’s life)
chinese new year animals
days of christmas
13 - bakers dozen
moons per year

so, atoms have electrons, and those in the outermost shell are called the ‘valence’ electrons. atoms like to have 8 of them, because all atoms wanna be just like the noble gasses. So, they share(covalent bond), or trade electrons(ionic bond) to get 8 of them.