:O More control

OK awhile ago when I first started trying LDs I began to be able to control what I do in my dreams without realising I’m dreaming. However yesterday I was in a dream and not realising I was dreaming I decided I wanted to be a factory owner that is lazy and does nothing and has hard working employees, and then next thing I remember I was going into my factory with all my hard working employees and I just lounge around and get paid.

I think now all I need is to know that I’m dreaming, but is this a sign of improvement or just something normal.

Well you could say its normal since it was the last thing on your mind… Were you thinking about that for a while?

No no, I was thinking of it while I was dreaming :open_mouth:
I’m quite excited

It is a dream sign. Thoughts affect events in the dream.
It doesn’t mean you are any closer to lucidity, but it is an opportunity to realize you are dreaming. Just keep it in mind for next time!