OBE cord.

On a site i found out that you can’t go far in OBE because of some spirtual cord that keeps you in your body. But other sites metion teleportation. Which one is true? I havent really taken OBE
to an advanced level so i dont know.

Also an off topic question: Is there a time limit for OBEs or do you go back to your body when you want to?

ok, when you have an OBE, the cord is there, but there is no limit to how far you want to go, the cord will not hinder you in any way. also, there is no time limit, except for when your body wakes up i supose. (this is all stuff i have read and i cannot verify this for myself because i have never really had an OBE :cry: but this is what i have learned over the years) :content: Good luck in your endevoures.

jeez over the years? how hard can it be?

So…you go back in your body not when you want to but when your body sleeps enough?

it’s a lot harder than you think wolflion, you are very talented or very lucky if you can just sit down and do it when you first hear about it

lol, you can go back to your body whenever you want to, but sometimes it happens because of too much of an emotion, like excitement. if you want to learn a lot about OBE’s, go to www.mysticweb.org , thats where i learned basically all i know about it.

no i’m not sayin’ that you can learn it the first time you hear about it. just the first month of trying. and then you make your way to prosville at 3 months. i mean the process is easy compared to psi manipulation and tk.

Tell me about someone who had an OBE and had a cord who had never heared of any such a phenomenon (cord) before the experience. My point, these OBE’s are basically a kind of LD’s (with the difference that some dont really realise its a dream), and here anything that you expect will happen. Oh and yes, I’ll keep repeating this :smile:.

The cord will be there if you expect it to be.Expect it not(heh now its kinda impossibile,isnt it) and there will be none.I personally havent seen any- this reminds me our long time member Zwitter and few others whos been cutting their cords like maniacs and ended up in…ummm…nothing.Hehhe…and how long it lasts depends on many aspects but main ones are your skills to stabilize it,not to get too excited.Of course you are also limited by sleep length but only in a way cuz time is relative here and there its different.So you make spend years in your Oobe regardless of how long you have slept/meditated.
good luck!

The only cord in my OBEs is a imaginary rope what i “use” to take my dream body from my physical body during SP. After that i don’t wear any cord at all :tongue:

Its the silver cord which keeps our physical and astral body in connection. Once we die, it will be cut.

crystalinks.com/astralprojearth.jpg That describes it pretty nicely i think :smile:

The “cord” idea is also just part of something someone came up with to describe the effect of being in an obe and how when you are close to your body its sometimes easy to pop back in the closer you are.

Very cool link WindRunner! Thank you! I’ve added it to my favorites…let you guys know if I get oob!

Yes and as windrunner mentioned mysticweb, they also have 2 sister sites, www.gnosticweb.org
Gnosticweb provides FREE courses which handle these things, Astral travel and dreams course begins 10th july so there is still time to join it. Cu there :smile:

Wow Gnostic web and astral web! I’m facinated by the dead sea scrolls and the Gnostics! And astral travel of course:-) Thanks!

I agree with Xetrov, OBE is just LD, with one difference. Many of so called experts forget the fact that you have furniture and whole house rearranged, etc… Your unconscious did it based on memory and perturbation of real house… They are not capable of realising it to be just thematic dream, so they call it OBE. There is no OBE, I had about 100 of them, and always something is rearranged. Why didn’t someone take money by proving psy-abilities. There is specific test for OBE, you should get out of your body,see somethink in room nearby, tell the scientist what it is and take the money. I think that sum is 1.000.000$… It’s still waiting to be picked up! So go for it…

Hey cvelee, why go through the trouble of getting out of body for some stupid scientist when you could remote view much easier and get the money?

noone so far managed to pick up that money, using remote viewing or whatever. As I understand they are the most sceptical about remote viewing. See for yourself on:
There is one more organisation givin 200.000$, it is called Sophia University or something similar…
I am still sceptical about remote viwing or anything, but… After some reconsideration I decided to conduct again shared dream experiment, I, the most sceptical man on planet I know. But who knows… This night I had 3 LD and meet 5 of my friends and proved them that it was dream, told them code etc… Who knows, maybe today somene will tell me ‘you know, I dreamt about…’
CU guys

Cvelee what would your experiment prove to you if it failed? That you cannot SD or that SD in general is impossible?

The following is an edited version of a post I made to AstralPulse a couple of months ago.

Now I almost feel guilty studying something for years, that even doesn’t exist. Anyway, at first I too was thinking it’s just a symbol, but I got hooked nevertheless. Later I’ve read some articles that were totally in line with my experiences, so I could say with total conviction, the silver chord is not much more a belief construct than your guts are, for example. Just because you have never experienced it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

As far as I know there are at least three factor that have to meet within a single dream in order to enable you to perceive the silver chord. First, you have to have an OBE-like dream, that is, entering dreaming by having the subjective feeling of separation. Secondly, the experience needs to be “etheric.” In a typical “etheric OBE” you’re blind and have difficulties with moving away from your body. Thirdly, you have to be observant enough not just crawling away in a hustle. You have to try to figure out what causes the pull that impede your movements. By simply turning back and probing around with your dream hand you could get the dream interpretation of the pull as a chord like structure.

In my experiences (as in many others) it appear like a smooth, rubber like cable, somewhere between 2 and 5 cm in diameter, connected to the solar plexus, slightly outflaring. If I place my hand on the chord, my hand would move toward my sleeping body (which I couldn’t see in this state). I’m always blind in this state at first but may able to hear noises from the waking world in a distorted, sometimes echoed form. As I move away, often in my fours, the cable excerts a ruthless pull on my dream body rendering it to a weighless puppet. For some reason it’s very tempting to give up at this point, however, the pull decreases quickly by distance, and eventually no superhuman will be needed for the escape.

I’ve noticed that the cable’s attachment point has the tendency to move upwards by time and distance. Actually, the solar plexus cable is just the first recognizable shape of an amorphous flow that appear below the navel during separation. It’s made by a bunch of rubber like tiny filaments embedded in a honey like mass that made separation very difficult. Later the attachment point shifts upwards, becomes narrow and turn into the shape of a cable by the time it reaches the level of the solar plexus. I will either fall forward, sort of out from the pull or having the connection point move further upwards before it reaches the upper part of the chest on the dream body. At this point I get ordinary dream vision and would find myself in a state quite similar to ordinary lucid dreaming.

After the attachment point reaches my neck the cable doesn’t seem to be real anymore. Satisfying all my expectations and slowly changing its shape it become one of the ordinary dream pictures. It may remain for a while before completely disappears as result of withdrawing my attention. The dreaming mind just couldn’t let go of something so easy that just had been perceived. In this state I can bend it, rip it apart or even eat it. This is, I suppose, how most projector experience the cable. At first, it appears at the periphery of our awareness yet we consciously don’t realize its presence. Other parts of their mind, however, does and made the cable part of the dream after REM start and vision switches on.

There are other types of the chord, more thinner in appearance, that usually doesn’t connect to the body’s middle line but rather has to do something with greater muscle groups. A couple of times after I have woken up from such an experience found groups of twitching muscles in my arm, right at the place where the thin cables was connected to my dream body. I think the cable is both a dream interpretation of a regressive flow that try to save back the displaced bioplasm (etheric matter) into the organism and the lacing point of the somatosensory phantom through it protrudes from the inner representational matrix of the body. This state is made possible by the faulty work of the neuromatrix, a functional unit of the brain that responsible for the generation of the internal body image. Coupled with the brain resistance for changing arousal, these things are deeply interconnected and may appear in dreams as the “OBE chord.”

The cord is there but there is a lot of emphasis placed on this where the importance lies in what can actually be done with the cord, not it’s so called limitations.

The time limit is related to your physical body falling asleep so that you are more likely to forget the experience.