OBE from INSIDE a dream

Okay so this is a bit weird.

Basically over the past few weeks I have been experimenting with SP and WILD. Unfortunately I haven’t made it very far, but it has become routine by now. Every night after I get into bed, I relax, let go of my muscles, and try to tune into my mind to seewhere it will take me. As with all routines, eventually I found myself dreaming I was doing this. The thing is, this was at the end of a long dream and I was in a Victorian type home nothing like my own. but after laying my dream body down, I decided to do a reality check and held my nose. I felt like I had a choice between two sets of hands to use and I actively chose the dream set (or astral set?). Then I felt myself floating above my dream body inside this Victorian room, but as soon as I did so, I was attacked by floating people in masks -similarly to what I would expect to happen in sp after reading other’s accounts. Again due to others accounts, I knew not to fear the attackers and all that I need to do is hug them. That’s what I did and they flew off. I then realized I am having an obe rather than a dream because I was still in the dream room. I floated around a few times, looked down at my body, and then very gently, like I was weightless, settled myself back into my body. That’s the exact point I woke up, when my dream shall body came back inside me.

So I have a few questions about this: was I REALLY lucid, or did I just trick myself into thinking I am lucid? I don’t think I was aware that my dream body was not my real body, but I think I knew it in a small way at the very back of my head. Is this an obe, or was it my mind feeding me what I would expect an obe to be like?
thirdly, has anyone experienced anything remotely similar?
And last, I just read here (and I guess this is on the metaphysical typeof perception) that the astral body and the dream body are separate entities. If you subscribe to that belief, maybe you have thoughts about what happened here?
anyhow thanks. I appreciate any thoughts about this.

I don’t believe in real OBE’s or astral projection. I think astral projections are just a type of dream, and OBE’s I guess aren’t always dreams, but just the feeling and what you think are your real eyes looking down at your body or wherever. But I could be wrong. So I don’t know, I think that’s an OBE? :confused:

I believe in AP & OBE, some people consider them to be different realms and/or body layers. I think they are different to NDE’s because in an NDE you are actually dead IRL. This means you are more free to leave the physical realm (or rather distance from it).

Either way, it’s subject to your own opinion on what you experienced. If you’re having a fun time then sometimes it’s better to leave the labelling behind.