OBE just another kind of LD?

I never had an OBE but i have heard from diffrent people that it is nothing like dreaming even it sounds like they are describing a LD… What do you think, is OBE just another kind of dream? Have you ever gotten anny proofs?

I’ve never experienced an OBE but I do believe they’re just an another form of dreaming. I don’t believe in spirits or anything like that and for me it’s all just in one’s head.

I know a lot of people think differently and I’m not saying they’re wrong, this is just the way I feel.

Frequently, I fall asleep after school or something while sitting in a chair, while watching television. Usually when this happens, in my dream I’m walking, and I usually trip and fall. I jolt awake as if I had really fallen. Is this an out-of-body-experience?

I’ve heard other lucid dreamers say that their OBEs are markedly different from their lucid dreams, so I think they are indeed different things. Probably related somehow, though. Maybe LDs are a form of OBE, instead of the other way around… Or maybe a form of false awakening, in the sense that the starting environment is the same as wherever you fell asleep, and that the dreamer believes it to be real (no lucidity).

In my own personal experience, I haven’t been able to see the difference that those other folks see. Without a lapse in consciousness, I’ve been able to peel away from my body, stand up, and run off to play. So that should count as an OBE, and while it’s fantastic, it seems fantastic in the same way as a lucid dream. Quality wise, I think my lucid dreams are usually more vivid.

One strange thing I’ve had happen with an OBE… Right after it ended, and I got back to my body-body, I rubbed my eyes and pressed in on them a little harder than normal. A bright geometric pattern instantly appeared in my eyes. Lots of yellow parallel lines, like several Y’s stacked on top of each other, all flowing in some weird way. It lasted 5 - 10 seconds before fading away. Might be useful for something.

the closest thing i’ve ever had to an obe is on dxm. i took about 800mg of it and layed in bed with music on, i started to see weird images and i imaged myself floating up and all of the sudden everything went black and i started to go to another world. i had this happen about 20 times before the end of the night. it was very fun and exilerating!

I dunno if its all in your head but it was damn different from my LD experiences. Both of mine was short, maybe a minute or so. But they where DAMN vivid and stable, couldnt see any abnomalities and find it also weird that it happened while i was laying in bed, completly awake.

Here is my last one:

I was at my friends hut one ice fishing, i woke up in morning, looked at my clock it was around 9… went back to bed, tried the rope method which i found on spiritweb, got too the numbness and energy feeling, but eventually i gave up and was going to get some sleep, maybe just 30secs after that i feelt heavy vibrations, rushing sound and then suddently i just floated out of my body with full visual and everything, saw the room in full clarity, saw my friend laying in the other bed, even could hear him snore. i was totally shocked of how vivid all this was, then i snapped back to my body. I again looked at my clock still a little over 9, looked at my friends bed, he was laying in same position as he did during the oobe. Even did a couple of reality checks after i woke up/got back into my body.

Whatever it was, it was damn awesome. Really wants more of those.

I had an OBE (I gess it was)
I was lying in front of the TV when I closed my eyes (gess I was falling asleep) I open them and looks at my arm. Everything looked all just like in real world. I lift my arm but the arm comes out of my other arm. I now have two arms, one that I can move and one that’s only lying there. I woke up after short time and there was only one arm ther, the one who I couldn’t move during the obe.

Guessing this was an OBE

I definately feel that they are different.

I can tell when I’m lucid vs OOB in that when I have a lucid dream the experience always starts somewhere OTHER than where I am sleeping (i.e., I become lucid and I’m somewhere other than my house).

When I have an OOBE, the experience always starts from where I’m SLEEPING (I’m separating from my body and pulling up from my couch or my bed).

The other way I can tell is that I always have partial if not TOTAL control of the actions of the “other” people in my lucid dreams while in OOBEs, the ONLY person I really have any control over is “myself”.

Another OOBEr once said “In a lucid dream, you know that you are dreaming… while in an OOBE, you know that you are awake.”

1.To really tell what a OBE is we need science…2.and some filters for those ppl who have an ld and think they have an obe…

  1. is possible…2 is easy!


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