OBE or FA Induced LD?

Hey everyone. I’m new to lucid dreaming. I’ve had a couple short lived ones, so I’m getting there. I had an experience about 2 weeks ago that I’ve been questioning ever since.

I woke up around 5:30am and decided to give WILD a shot. I really tried to focus on my breathing. I slipped into a FA…I woke up and kept looking at the clock. It kept changing times on me. I was really confused. I looked at my hands and tried to put my finger through. It didn’t work, but something wasn’t right. So I did a nose RC and it worked! I could breathe! I knew I was dreaming now. I tried to get out of bed but I had a really hard time getting up. I tried looking at the spot in bed where i was sleeping to see if I could see my body to make sure it wasn’t an OBE. I remember not being able to see my body. I tried to float up above my bed but couldn’t. I lost it and woke up again.

I focused on my breathing again and heard a buzzing noise. I tried rolling on my side. It was the same FA again. I did a hand check I had 12 fingers, I did a clock check it changed. I did a nose check I could breathe. I was lucid. I stood up in bed and said Clarity Now! It seemed to stabilize it slightly but not much happened.It was dark in the room so I couldn’t tell too much. I heard someone walking in the hall and I laid back in bed cause I was a little scared. It turned into a ND.

Was this just a FA that turned into a LD? Or was this an OBE? The reason I question it is because of the whole rolling out of my body thing that I did and because I felt like it was so hard to get up out of my laying position (in the FA). Anyone have any thoughts on this?

Anyone have any insight on this? I know that a lot of people say they have buzzing with an OBE. I feel like I heard a chainsaw noise the second time around, but nothing major. Being new to LD I don’t have much experience what things feel like, so I was just curious if anyone had any insight. Thanks!!