OBE or FA??

Last night something very strange happened: after I had a nonLD I suddenly awoke and found myself sitting up in my bed. I was fully conscious. After a few seconds I felt very strong emotions, which were the same as the extatic emotions I feel when I’m flying in a LD.
Although I knew my arms were beside me and laying still, I somehow could feel a couple of dreamarms trying to get me out of my body. I tried to imagine what was going on, but before I could do anything I woke up, irl this time.
Could someone give me an explanation of this? I think it was some kind of false awakening or maybe an OBE, but I never felt the typical vibrations. Thx


Gotta disagree here-it has no signs of FA.But sadly not OBE too.I think it was just some stage of SP -you just didnt get anything out of it(woke up too soon).Prolly few more secs would give you either obe,ld or fa:)
Take care:)

If it was some kind of SP, why could I move than? I thought one of the basic features of SP is the feeling of not being able to move. Anyway I classified it as “FA?” :grin:

Yup,you could move…i said SP without going into details cause it was late yesterday.
Like you may know Sp is a great base to start either ld or Obe.I think that was what happened.You were still lying in bed (u knew u there)and at the same time you felt being pulled somwhere.Thats last phase of SP.Then u said u woke up for real.I dont know how to put it better:(i hope i make sense- im bit confused after your last post cause its not clear when u say when u moved-u sat up for real or?

Sometimes in SP, you get a dreambody/astralbody, i think this is what happens in the experiences you would call oobe, you walk out/float out with your astral/dreambody.

Might have been a false awakening also, hard to tell.

Well, it all happened in a dream. Perhaps there was a thin line between waking and dreaming at this point. I don’t know. If it sustained longer I probably could have discovered what it was. Thx for your posts.

I agree with Jack here! Sp has several stages…thats one point.
A light sp and u have a hard time moving your legs or arms or body…but u can! At medium stage sp u cant move your body. At high level Sp your brain sometimes duplicates your body already in your consciousness without a rem stage yet. So u think u can move but it is an illusion…from this point u can easely spin into a dream. I know this all from my selfhypnosis studies…u get then at a certain point in sp…and first u can hardly move…then u cant move…and then your brain gives u a fake body copy and a verry small step further and u are in a dream. If i do wild with a mix from selfhypnosis and meditation then i dont get this but with pure selfhypnosis i do.
So remember, sp got several stages…to make it simple i just call them…
light…medium and high sp level… :smile:

Ok Mystic goodluck!


In eng it is maybe better to call it…

Low sp level Hard time to move your body but possible.
medium sp level Not possible to move your body.
High sp level Brain duplicates already your body into a visual copy
in your consciousness and it has the illusion it can

SP = sleep paralysis

I didn’t know SP has several levels…
Thx Jeff for this information! :smile: