OBE problem

Well…While trying to have an OBE, I can’t seem to get past the vibration stage. The longest I’ve held a vibration is about 5-7 minutes, but as soon as I try to actually “leave the body” I lose my focus. I need some tips and suggestions on how to actually leave the body.

Thanks :smile:

Your vibration might be not strong enough yet to depart your body just yet. Plus you cannot think about the vibration otherwise it will stop. Just let it flow naturally and soon you’ll know that you have “clicked” out of body. When you feel that click, you can start levitating up and explore around.

I wish you the best luck!

Lieve dromen (sweet dreams)! :wiske:

You do not leave your body, it just feels like it.

But to the point, let those vibrations to move yourself out of your bed, when you fell to the floor, you can open your eyes.
The vision can be blurry, and controlling yourself can be difficult for a moment, but those should stabilize in few seconds.