OBE, Real or Unreal: How To Get A Proof

I thought of a way of knowing if the OBE experience is real or not.
two conditions are necessary to carry on the experience and get a proof.

Condition 1: you need to be able to see the silver cord, no matter its colour or form, lengh, etc…
Some people see it, others not, here you must be able to see it.

Condition 2: you need to be familiar with the dream/OBE environement control. you have to be skillful at making things appear and disappear at will.

If the two conditions are met in your person, here’s what you can do.
Launch an OBE, look at at your silver cord, make it disappear!
Break it, destroy it using your pychic abilities.

The cord is known to be unbreakable. If it disappears, you can be sure that you’re dreaming, and that the experience is in your head.
If you can’t make it disappear, if you can’t break it whatever you do, while you can control anything else, then you can conclude that the cord, unlike the other objects around you, is something consistent, something real. you will agree with me that if only a part of the experience is real (in this case the silver cord), then the whole experience is real.

Sorry, but for me that wouldn’t prove anything… :shy:

I think the only way to prove that you are infact out of your body would be something like puting an unknown object in another room, see it in the OBE and then confirm it after back in the body…

just my way of looking at things… :tongue:

There’s one huge problem with your entire idea.

The silver cord is not a necessity in OBE, the silver cord is thought to manifest if the person attempting OBE feels insecure about leaving them body because they feel they may not be able to get back. The silver cord is a mental barrier that they have created, not something that exists in OBEs. Other people create their own silver cords because subconsciously they expect it to be there after reading other people’s accounts of a cord.

Secondly, even if the person is having a lucid dream about having an OBE but believes it is an OBE they could subconsciously block themselves from being able to break the silver cord.

Sorry but that just isn’t proof.

An online friend of mine can OBE/AP at will, never once has she seen the cord (though when teaching her how I never once mentioned it, coincidence?) but we know it was real because she visited me several times and was able to describe my room, which she has never seen, in detail and what I was doing at the time.