OBE the real-time viewing TEST

Well folks I have to say my 1st attempt at (OBE)realtime viewing a playing card placed high on a shelf in my bedroom was not succesfull, but tried some new great tricks suggested by conciousdreaming.com and lucidity institue.

I woke up from a dream where I was with this group of people I didnt want to be with (I remember the feeling). But I had a successful DILD, I returned to the scene (it was in a house) and told everyone to gather around that I was going to do a trick. Once everyone was around I laid down on a bed and started spinning in the air above (to transport to another dream). I started spinning and everything was blurry and their voices started to fade. Knowing that I wanted to OBE into my room to view the playing card I placed on my shelf, I was in… what at first I thought was my bedroom. I said to myself suggested by concious dreaming.com “Increase Lucidity now, increase clarity now” and it did work(it was very vivid). I floated up to the top of the cabinet to view the card, I didnt recognize any of the items, this wasnt my cabinet, I started looking around the room and it wasnt my room. I rubbed my hands together so my lucid dream wouldnt fade and it didnt. (This was suggested by the Lucidity Institute.) So I concentrated harder and went back to the top of the cabinet, again not the right cabinet.

So…in part a successful lucid test --but failed in the Realtime viewing of my bedroom. Does anyone know a trick to projecting to a real place on demand. I think I did with my sisters bedroom but know way of validating that experience.

sleepTeyeT :content:

It’s the same as in a LD, since OBE from sleep/trance is basically the same phenomenon. Power of the mind is everything, just “will” yourself to be in your bedroom and you could end up there. The best way would be to WILD and perform an exit procedure (induce OBE), almost every time you will end up in your room. Ive done this many times and each time was amazed by the absolutely perfect recreation of my physical senses in relation to experiencing my bedroom…