I think I may have had an OBE - about 16 years ago now.

My son (now 17) was a baby at the time. My nephew (who was 2) had stayed the night, an my son had been restless so I hadn’t got much sleep. My ex-husband got up with the little ones in the morning so I could have a little lie-in.

As I started to drift off to sleep, I realised I couldn’t move - now, I am a sleep paralysis sufferer, so I am quite used to that - but then something odd happened. I heard a really loud smacking sound, and it felt like something had hit me in my face - I actually thought my nephew had come into the room and thrown a ball at me - that was the kind of sound it made, like a plastic ball smacking against something. I soon realised that I was alone in the room though. Next thing, my whole body began to vibrate - it felt like all the molecules in my body were humming with electricity - and the next thing I knew, I am on the ceiling, looking down at my sleeping body.

By now, I am in a state of panic, because I really think I have died. I am silently screaming “I don’t like this, put me back” - and immediately I was awake and back in my body.

Whilst in Paralysis I had looked at the bedside clock - it was 9.00 am - when I woke it was about 9.03 am - but I felt like the experience had been much longer than 3 minutes.

So what do you think? Was it an OBE or a dream?

Sue x

yes, i think it was, if you say you felyt like you were out of your own body, i think it was an AP(OOBE’s are usually assiciated with an NDE(jaxal told me)), if you train it, you might be a verry good AP-er, so if you’d like to try again, just do it, you won’t die or annything, you’r body will be in a normal sleeping state, but your mind is out of your body, so you shouldn’t be afraid

I am of the opinion that such experiences, however “realistic” they might look, have nothing much to do with OBE or AP in the traditional sence of the definitions (that is, your spirit essence leaving the physical body). Rather I would say such experiences are much closer related to lucid dreams, although at that time you did not know you were dreaming so per definition it is not really a LD. However if you do stay calm you can use these “OBE-dream” so to speak as stepping stones for LD’s. Stay calm and realize that nothing much can go bad (and even if it is really an OBE/AP, no one died from that yet).