observent in dreams...

Lastnight after a series of FA, and finaly a AP…During the dream I looked in my closet, and saw my DJ lying on the floor. I wondred why it was on the floor, because usualy I have it on the shelf. I looked at my DJ, and asked myself if anything looked strange about it in order to que me that I was dreaming. It looked normal, but what I didnt realize is that the closet was alot diffrent, it was big the size of a room, my bed was diffrent. I didnt realize it until I woke up. How are you supose to look at things in a dream. I thought I was being pretty observent by asking rather my DJ looked diffrent sence it didnt I mistaked it as being real. I should have noticed my room was diffrent. Why didnt I? I was in the right frame of mind, but so many things escaped me. I did finaly have a AP, but its frustrating when I think back to very obvious dream signs that I wasnt abale to catch. It makes me wonder if I did ask myself rather or not the room was diffrent if I would have mistakaned it for a room in a dream memory. Dream memmory can be very tricky.

I believe it is all to do with your self awareness and how concious you are in the dream.

My RC for when i think things are weird is to wake up :neutral: It’s just an automatic thing for me to do which is annoyying.