Odd and Slightly Implausible Idea

I remember reading somewhere, I think the newspaper, about a certain condition that affects people while they dream. It’s like sleepwalking, but different. (Maybe it actually isn’t. I don’t really remember.) Anyways, whatever keeps people from moving around during REM sleep doesn’t work in these people. So when they dream, if they do an action in a dream, it actually happens and can hurt them. This is a very bad condition, or was described as such, because they could actually really hurt themselves.

Now, here’s my idea. Put them in a room with a bed, and no other things so they wouldn’t hurt themselves. On the wall in front of the bed, have a giant whiteboard with a bunch of markers. If they have a lucid dream, get them to spin and try to have a FA. Then, they will walk to the board in their dream and do whatever. They could draw, write, compose, etc.

This is probably a pretty stupid idea; it probably wouldn’t work anyways, but its just a thought. Also, can anyone tell me more about this condition:?

angelfire.com/co/SleepParaly … index.html

This looks like something intersting about sleep paralysis.

And here is a bit more general info on the topic:
Sleep paralysis is normal
August 29, 1997

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Paralysis while asleep is the normal condition. The body secretes hormones which relax certain muscles and prevent you from acting out your dreams. If it didn’t you would be in quite some danger every time you went to sleep.
The process of waking up might seem quite simple to you. But it’s actually a complex process involving many physiological changes. One of these is the reversal of the paralysis. People experience sleep paralysis when the hormone doesn’t wear off fast enough as they wake up. They remain paralysed though conscious. Because they have little sensation from their body, if they are lying on their backs, it can feel like someone is sitting on their chest. Eventually the paralysis departs and normal functions can be resumed.

There is an opposite disorder where people don’t get paralysed enough as they go to sleep. In a minor case this results in twitching and kicking while dreaming, but in a major case they can get up and walk around.

A side effect of this paralysis is that your bed feels a lot more comfortable in the morning when you wake up than it did when you first got into it. It hasn’t changed, your body is just less sensitive.

None of this should be considered evidence of anything paranormal.


it’s not stupid idea at all. But as those people don’t see real life as they are dreaming, then i dunno how successful this painting and writing will be.

Sleepwalking does actually occur in non rem state in most cases, which is when you are normally not completly paralyzed.

I’ve always wondered why that is. Its not like we’re acting out our dream actions or anything, so what could we be up to? :eh:

I found some information on it here:

That’s not stupid at all. That inspires me for a different idea. One which may in fact be stupid…

Let’s pretend that Daarkardvark’s theory happens to work with one of these somnikinetically disabled people. Let’s pretend that when they spin to lucidly transfer into a false awakening they get out of bed, stand up and attempt to fly.

What are your theories on what their physical body would be doing? Would it ‘levitate’? Or would it temporarally CURE this state of sleep unparalysis due to the physical innability to fly? Would the physical body trip when the dreamer attempts to launch into the air, causing the dreamer to awaken or seriously hurt themself?

What do you think?

They would act out their dream.

So, if they flew by jumping up into the air, then their real body would jump… and then fall back down (causing them to wake up).

However, if they just levitated strait off the floor, their real body would just be standing there…
… until they tried to turn, in which case they’d probably twsit an ankle and wake up.

Makes sense I guess. I believe in levitation though and who knows…

theres been a word for these people. they’re called somnambulists.
i’ve probably posted this before, but i’d like to add it to this thread.
my aunt had a trailer by a lake and i would visit for a weekend every year. the trailer park was right by the lake. one night i got up and slept walked almost the whole perimeter of the park. i went down the hill and slept walked next to the waters edge all the way around a bunch of other trailers then noticed the light go on at the trailer. i also saw the hot of the cigarette she lit up. everything was as it was in waking life. then when i was little i had a dream where my brother went down this stone passageway down a staircase the slightly curved down into a dark underground. i watched my brother go down around the bend and disapppear. i screamed for him to come back. a lamp then turned on behind me and i found i was yelling straight into the mirror. i wasn’t fully awake and went back to bed.

Since sleep paralysis affects muscles, and levitation, if its possible, would probably be a mental ability, I don’t think you are too likely to float off anywhere. Your brain isn’t being affected, its your muscles that are unable to move.
I think the dreamer would probably fall over and hurt him or her self, and wake up, or maybe even get up and coninue the dream, wondering why he/she was unable to take off. :wink:

As they said on the site pointed out by Darkaardvark about REM behavior disorder (RBD),

So it’s definately not like somnambulism and they are unlikely to write something on a whiteboard.

somnambulism is where a person will engage in activites asscociated with wakefulness while in a sleep or sleep like state

That’s right, but somnambulism only happens during non-REM states, so it’s different from RBD activity. You don’t dream during somnambulism.

look at the way WILDS act. all the hypnagogoic imagery and sounds. i still think they are seeing dream like imagery though.i don’t think its that black and white as far as dreaming goes. you are paralyzed so you can’t act out your dreams so it has to be that your acting out a dream at least for a bit. do you think somnambulists aren’t dreaming even a little bit?

I have read on numerous medical forums and scientific pages that if you wake a somnambulist, they never remember they were dreaming or anything else. Of course, it could also mean that you have no dream recall when you go out from a somnambulic state ! :smile:

i once had a dream where i was moving blocks around really fast in this dungeon like area. when i awoke i had broken a chair and alot of other things were tipped over. this occured after like 2 nights without sleep.

So, it was a somnambulic crisis, and you’ve remembered your dream ? :eh:
Its’ obvious, never trust the scientists ! :tongue: