Odd coincidence

I had a couple of dreams in the past weeks where i saw the Kool aid man. He wasn’t there every night, maybe one or twice per week. Anyway, today, it was my first day working at Wal-Mart, and I had to move around dozens of Kool aid boxes… took me hours… why is he torturing me in my dreams and in RL :cry: (If you read my dream diary, he was responsible of making me forget a lucid dream)

Maybe I should use him as an RC…

Maybe you should kick his fat ass.

yea destroy kool aids fat kool-aid ass!

kill him! let him suffer as you have suffered.

Alright, I noted it on my list to do while lucid.

-Kick Kool aid man’s ass.

LOL. OR. . .you could just take a straw and drink up ALL his liquid. He can’t exist without some sort of gross watered-down fruit punch anyway, can he? Or just tip him over. . .oh, that sounds so mean. I couldn’t do that to him even if he was tormenting me. (Reminds me of Mr. StayPuft from Ghostbusters.)

“Who ya gonna call? GHOST BUSTAS!”


BWAHAHA!!! YES!! I’ll tip him over and watch him strugling to get up! and then I’ll roll him all across town!!

thats now my #1 thing to do when I get lucid

Make sure that the president of Kool aid land is there so that the Kool aid man is so embarrased that he’ll never show his face in your mind again.