Odd phone conversation

hi im new to the forum, and last night i was dreraming i was taking to someone on the phone, and i woke up with my hand on my ear and i was still talking even when i was awake. i could even hear someone talking to me even after i had awoken, lol it was wierd after a while of just nonsense and jumbled words, i just decided to take my hand away from my ear and i stood up and left my room lol. what exactly happend lol :baaa:

plz help me out here ppl

heehee im losing hope lol


Don’t lose hope. Someone will always answer to your post.
As for what you experienced, I think it was something like hypagognic imagery or whatever it’s called. It’s like a state just between waking and sleeping, in which you can feel your real body at the same time as experiencing hypagognics and strange sounds (or even phonecalls :smile: )

I’m not too sure about this though, you should better wait until one of the LD gurus post a reply here :content:

k thanks

That’s a great answer odd2k, and chill out Candy_Cane_Child. Forums are not as “real time” as chat rooms are, and it may even take days for someone to respond.

Your experience reminded me of a very funny moment. One time I was spending the night at my cousins. That morning the phone rang while she was still asleep. I was wide awake and I noticed the phone “kinda” woke her up. :happy: After the first ring someone else answered it . . . but my cousin in her sleep thought she did. She quickly stuck her hand up to her face and started talking to someone. I disrupted her in my laughter and asked “what in the hell are you doing?” :cool_laugh: She looked at me, and then looked at her empty hand. :happy: . . and asked “Where’s the damn phone?” in a groggy and sleepy voice.

It was hilarious, but I had to explain to her what had happened.

I admit the same thing has happened to me. The phone would ring and I would be half-way asleep and thinking I was answering it. . . but it would continue to ring. I would “dream” the phone was broke and the frustration would cause me to become fully awake and realize I never even had the phone in my hand.

I’ve had dreams of brushing my teeth and spit on my pillow, twice! :grin:

Dreams are like hallucinations, and I think this is just a symptom of the transistion your conscious makes from the inner perceptions of dreams into the outer perception of your senses.
I don’t think it is anything to be alarmed about. The voices you heard were as normal as the voices you hear from dream characters. . . you just happened to hear it closer to an awake state and that can be kind freaky. :wink:


Does anybody know if it’s normal to hear voices along with the hypagognic imagery (I’m just trusting odd2k on the proper spelling). Because sometimes when I’m going to sleep but I’m still a bit awake I see images that usually don’t make sense. I hear voices along with the images most of the time. I don’t know if that’s normal to happen?

I should think so, since I read that many people experience vivid sounds when WILDing. Also, from my own experience I know this is true.
A couple of nights ago, when falling to sleep, I could hear these really freaky monkey sounds! :tongue:

This reminds me a little of a dream I had a few years ago where just before I woke up I dipped my finger into a river in my dream. For the next few minutes, while awake, my finger felt wet. I guess the experience happened because of a similar mechanism playing up that caused Candy’s experience. That is that my dream overran into my waking life. It’s caused me no ill effects and I never again felt wet when I wasn’t. So, my guess is the voices wont come back in the middle of your day :content: .
That’s my thoughts anyway.

It’s totally normal. :smile: This used to happen to me beloved old buddy. She would hear things as she was about to go to sleep every night. Sometimes they woke her up if she paid too much attention to them. I think it’s the same as regular pre dream hallucinations except audial.

Okay that’s good to know :smile:. I only can see and hear them if I keep thinking to myself, I find if I let my mind free I become too relaxed and then I start falling totally asleep.

I get hypnagogic visuals and sounds as well, and sometimes I do some practices which help me get to the stage, when other times i might just fall asleep completely before getting on the stage…
but sometimes its not just sounds, but music, and this is quite nice.
Ive also got the same kind of experience of hearing music when ive smoked weed.

ya sometimes i am so lightly asleep and i start dreaming and the first image freaks me out so i sit up :cool_laugh:

Once or twice, I woke up and saw some insect-like things fly across my room.

I remember having the same kind of dreams a lot… not recently though, I don’t know why… :confused: anyway usually I would be able to feel the phone in my hand, and then as I awakened, I would be aware that I wasn’t talking to anyone but felt the need to talk anyway, maybe thinking they’d still reply, then the phone would feel like it was shrinking and just king of “melt” away… on a similar note of dreams carrying over to wakefulness, I used to have really weird hallucinations at night… I don’t think they were dreams because my eyes would be open and I think I was at least partially awake, and someone would walk in the room, usually one of my parents, and I’d talk to them then If I turned away and looked back, they wouldn’t be there… it wasn’t really frightening but it puzzled me because it was so incredibly vivid… do you think this was HI? I wasn’t really aware of all the dream processes at the time, but Iit seemed like they’d wake me up by coming in, then I’d remain awake while they talked to me… it’s really puzzling, think it was just HI?

Also, in reply to other posts about aural HI, I almost always have solely sound in my HI, I’ll hear very vivid sounds, conversation, music etc but very few images…shrug who knows why :tongue:

Hearing things during the hypnagogic period is completely normal for me and happens nearly every night, especially if I fall asleep reading. Its usually someone yelling something from far away, but can be just about anything. Its never hurt me and by all accounts I’m as sane as can be expected in this world. : )

There is definitely a coorelation between the amount of hypnagogic activity and the number of lucid dreams I have. When you hear or see stuff as you are falling asleep, just relax and let it happen, but remain self-aware and it can become pretty interesting and sometimes result in a WILD.

Ive had a similar phone experience-think i could have made it a WILD if i had been inclined. I woke up during the night…lying in bed i thought of my sister who is at least 3hrs away from me-then i heard a phone ring. I know it wasent a real phone ringing because i sleep with earplugs and because of where i was at the time. Anyway i answered this ph in my head and my sister was there and she began talking to me about the farm i live on and about the animals-it was so realistic! then suddenly i thought -huh how is this happening? and then she stopd mid sentance. all the time there had been no imagry,purely sound.
cool tho-nice to catch up with her-even if it was just in my head.