Odd problem solution memory dreamy thing...

Something I’ve noticed recently that happens to me a lot, and when I cast my mind back it’s been happening for a long time, is that often right on the point of going to sleep or just after waking up, there will be some sort of problem in my mind that really unsettles me.

After a few seconds thought on the problem, some sort of resolution comes to mind which satisfies until I realise I’ve forgotten what the initial problem was and when I cast my mind back to remember the problem, I’ll find out I’ve forgotten the solution.

It all happens at a point where I feel I’m awake, but my mind feels in a really dreamy state of mind, like when in a ND or LD.

The problem when looking at these is that I can never think of an example of one of these problems or solutions as I forget them all during the process, so I’m not sure if they’re even coherent or not.

Anyone understand what I’m talking about here or know what these things are?

If it’s been happening a lot, and you never subsequently remember the solutions/problems, I would expect they are hallucinations of your mind. :tongue:

so try to write those problems down, make a ‘‘problem diary’’, as same as the dream diary thing…

I think I know what you’re talking about. I have that same feeling sometimes. I think it happens when I work out or I focus myself too much on some specific problem or idea. In such times, I can lie in my bed for what seems hours, having a lot of thoughts going on in my mind, and I often cannot figure out what I’m thinking about. That feels like I’m trying to solve some logical (like math/science) problem, wording of which I don’t know, and it really takes a long time. Then I come up with a solution, at least I have the feeling of having a solution in my head, but I don’t know what to do with it and what this solution is about :bored: . Usually I fall asleep soon after that, and when I wake up, I don’t remember that solution at all. At all times, I cannot figure out what that problem was about and what kind of solution I came up with :confused:
I can surely say that I’m absolutely awake all the time during this process.

I don’t know what is causing all this.