Off, and on LDing.

I LD off, and on. with about two, or three months between. Everytime I get back into it it seems to take longer for me to have one. This time I restarted at the fist of April, and I havnt had one yet. Getting my DR back is easy. When I first started it only took two days, and I was on the roll. Then when I was off of it, and got back into it it took two weeks. Now its going on three weeks, and I still havnt had one this month. Im reacalling two dreams every night. I tried the excersize where you write down five things a day, and you have to RC when you come into contact with whatever I choose on the list. Like walking through a doorway, or stoping at a stop light. Still no luck. Ive wrote down all my DS in my DJ, and I look for them. It seems like it would be easy. Why is this. Ive got to get my LDs back. For one reason is, because Im trying to fight my drug addiction with painkillers, and weed. Weed aint no problem, but painkillers is another story. I keep telling myself if I could just get my LDs back to where I was having 15 a month againe I wouldnt do it no more. Ive been clean now for a month, but Im starting to get tempted againe, because Im not having LDs like I use to. Any tips? If I could just get the LDs back againe Ive promised myself I would not do drugs againe. Im going through withdraws from the Hydrocodone. Please help.

Perhaps you need to prolong the periods in wich you practise LDing. Perhaps prolong just one period every one in a while to catch up.