Oh for christ sake :<

Hi there.

Im just getting so annoyed because i’ve tried for 7 months now :grrr: . I don’t believe in: " Your Trying to hard" so everyone, please dont comment that if your gonna reply :smile:

I would love some tips or something Im struggling so hard with it, and have only managed to get Prelucid dreams, and dreams where i say: Hey i must be dreaming, but do not get the awareness. I think the closest i have come, was in a dream, where i jumped in slowmotion and i said: This isn’t possible, i must be dreaming. But i did not get aware This is really annoying, on such a high niveau Please help me, im desperate!

Sincerely, VanCarioo :help:

I’ve been trying for about the same amount of time, maybe longer, and have still not had a LD. I have refused to get ‘desperate’, but now I’m wondering if I have some sort of problem preventing me from Lucid Dreaming… I seem to be perpetually stressed out, and I also have Asperger’s Syndrome. Do either of these affect LDing at all, or worse, eliminate the possibility…? :scared:
Thanks for letting me waste your time, I’m gonna go hide in my toilet for the rest of the night! :toilet:

Aw, i fell you man. It’s so annoying, struggling. Then chatting with all theese really experienced people, talking about their lucid dreams. Makes me damn pissed. :meh:

Good for you for trying do long!

Frustration can slow down the process, so try to stay calm. You definately can do this. And if you’ve had some prelucid dreams, you’re getting close!
Don’t try too many things at once. Stick to something simple. Um… what have you tried?
You can try out my method, which is still in the progress of being tested. But, it works well for me, so here it is:

CAWILD (Cloth Assisted Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming) :smile:

Hey guys! Sorry to hear that you’re struggling… Somebody said something about stress which can make it harder to LD. Try to put your best efforts into LDing when you have a break from school, work, etc. Try to do reality checks as often as you can remember, and read up on WBTB. It’s one of the easiest techniques, and one of the most effective. just try to follow all of the steps and don’t give up. it’ll come.

I’ve been trying for much longer, on and off. I originally started trying to lucid dream two years ago, and I’ve only had two short, low-level LD experiences since then.
Over time, I’ve essentially decided that there are two things that have prevented me from lucid dreaming all this time:

  1. Motivation
  2. Expectation.

As for motivation, I was really motivated when I first started, and it’s been sort of an on-and-off thing since then. Right now, I’m back into it again, and I’m feeling pretty motivated. If you’re having trouble, you’ve got to want it.
When I say “expectation”, I mean you’ve got to truly believe that lucid dreaming is EASY. I think that part of what prevented me from LD’ing when I was motivated was that I expected it to be difficult. Try using LucidWarp to train your mind to believe that you can do it!
Best of luck to both of us!

Hey VanCarioo!
I hate to say it, but “trying to hard” could be a possibilty, you always have to keep that in mind. However, I don’t know if you have been, so I’m not saying you are… but I know what you’re going through, and I think just kind of letting go of the idea might help.

The fact that you are having PreLucid dreams is really good! I recently too, have had similar dreams. Its always a good sign that shows progress. What I’ve been doing lately, is NOT forgetting about LD’s completely, but instead, just stop trying.
I still practice DR, and I go on these forums and read about LD’s and all that to motivate me, and it is! I have looked at different methods too (and tried many that have gotten me close but not quite there) but now I’ve stopped trying to go lucid on through those, and I think I’m still progressing along. I think, maybe some of us might just reach lucidity much slower than others (possibly until we find a method that suits us).

Like Lena said above, don’t get frustrated!
All in all, I think you’re well on your way, and just keep doing what you’re doing, like I said, it might just take us a bit longer unfortunately. :meh:
I recommend you try meditation and/or Lucid Living!

It can sadly happen. Some people just let go of the whole idea of LD’ing for a week or two, just to come back at it with a fresh attitude. Besides, you’re not doing bad at all, prelucids are step just before a real lucid, so just resolve to become lucid by then :wink:
Best of luck to you, VanCarioo. :smile:

Yeah, what techniques are you using? Do you stay with one tech or have you been flipping them around? If your doing a whole bunch you may not be getting them down correct or refining them well enough to work (a sort of jack-of-all-trades-but-master-of-none effect). If you’ve stayed with one, then I’d say 7 months might be long enouh to try something different.

Other than that, the best thing for you might to be to stop thinking about it for a week, two or even a month. I know that the times I take breaks can be when I have my most vivid LD’s.

I agree with the above posts, specially the frustration part. I think there are two parts in inducing a LD: technique and mindset/attitude. If you have the “wrong” attitude, even the best tech for you can give less results.

I know it’s hard to avoid frustration, but trust me, I also know how frustration can stop LD’s. :neutral: That’s why I also agree with the suggestion above to try meditation/lucid living.

Ok, you don’t believe in “trying too hard”. But I hope you understand what that means (that is, if I do too :tongue:). I don’t think that trying to LD every night is “trying too hard” (necessarily). I see trying too hard more like trying to force it. "I MUST get lucid tonight!! :grrr: " You can’t force lucid dreaming! (I mean it might seem to work one time or two…) Some time ago I realized how going to bed with the mindset of being sure I wouldn’t get frustrated the next morning if I hadn’t had a LD helped me. If I woke up with no LD and was frustrated, I knew I wasn’t in that mindset, if I didn’t get frustrated… I didn’t get frustrated and could try the next night in peace. But most of the time when I acheived the right state of mind I’d feel the LD come on it’s own. It’s tricky and simple at the same time…

Hey guys, thanks for all the nice reply’s! :content:

Reply to lena97QTgurl-
Oh, i suppose your right. But i dont feel frustrated or stressed or nothing at all? Besides, im 13, i don’t see how i can be stressed :content: Oh neat! I’ll definetly take a look on that method of yours! :content:´

Reply to Bejezt-

You said it! :happy: Noo ^^. Well. About the trying hard. I kinda try ever weekend, and vacation, and days off and stuff. Not when i have school tho. Well yeah, prelucid is close to real lucidity. But i only have prelucids? I’ve had about … 7 or something? And never getting the awareness. That annoys me :smile:

Reply to Rewhin-

Nah i stick with 1 technique for like a week or two, and if not succeded, i try another one for the same amount of the approxemately. But sometimes i can happend to try the same technique for some time. :smile:

But thanks to everyone, for your tips and help. I’ll try some of your tips :smile: Sincerely VanCarioo =D

Thanks for all the replies! To answer some of your questions: No, I have not stuck with just one method, one night it could be MILD, the next WILD, then maybe “freestyle”. I haven’t yet tried any meditation, but it sounds like it can work wonders, so I’ll try it ASAP. If anyone could give me a link to a beginner’s guide, that would be great! I also don’t have a Dream Journal at the moment, but I am seriously considering starting one. Again, thanks for the tips, I’ll report back soon!

At the top of this page you’ll notice the link “Guide” between “Home” and “Forum.” That is the beginner’s guide hosted on this site, and it is very comprehensive. Just to make things easy, here’s a link : ld4all.com/guide.html#frames

You have to KNOW that it’s gonna happen tonight. Don’t doubt it. That worked for me, I had my first LD after trying for 7 months.

I have been having the same problems!!! I think I will try your “CAWILD” :smile:
Wish me luck!! :cookiemon:

Yes, I feel with you VanCarioo and I envy them too. And also frustration is not unknown to me. But those highly experienced people in the chat also motivate me a lot and they give you precious tips too. I’m currently struggling too with getting another LD, and because I didn’t have much luck with my WILD attempts I currently try the “back to the basics” effort described here:

[Tutorial: Beginners Guide to Lucid Dreaming)

In short this thread from Rathez underlines the importance of a DJ. It advices you to really think hard about your last dream and squeeze every little detail out of your brain about it and write it down into your DJ. Perhaps this will help you too? I hope so!

Good luck!

Trying too hard is one of the factors that drives away a lucid dream. Most lucid dreamers are detached to their lucid dreams. I think a semi-detached attitude is the best one to adopt if people want to lucid dream. I hope I have not said something you don’t want to hear. Wish you loads of luck!