Oh man, I think I had my first LD!

I have been trying for THREE months and I think I may have FINALLY had one and it ruled SO much.

I experimented with WILDs when I first started and I ended up having Night Terrors and I couldn’t sleep with out the light on for a week. I tried to keep a journal but I forced those night terrors out of my memory and forgot them

I wrote down every dream I could remember right after having them and I only have 7 entries in my journal over 3 months.

I was never serious about having an LD but after having one I want more! They were so cool. I need to learn how to do RCs and I would like to learn about MILDs. Man I need to know everything!! I want more! I’m so so anxious to go to sleep tonight.

The only thing I did differently then the other nights is instead of going to bed at midnight I stayed up until 8:00AM in the morning and went to bed SUPER tired.

It was so awesome. I was walking at the movie theatre to my car with my friends and I was SO sure I knew her. Man I should of wrote this one down, I can remember bits and pieces of it but not the whole thing. After the dream I remembered where I knew her from, she was in my fourth grade class and she left a week after labor day… it’s so freaking odd. I hope I can remember

One thing led to another and I was sitting on her bed and she was at her desk on the computer talking to me. Then I looked around and I swore I been to that place before. Then I say… OMG this is my friend Mikes room with different furnature. She told me he used to live there and THEN IT dawns on me. I was at Mikes house earlier that day so I knew it had to be a lie. Then I thought even harder and a thought came to my head. I said to my self “hold up, I’m in a girls room who I never met before and we’re alone, I’m dreaming.”

She asked me if I played Counter-Strike, a computer game, I told her the truth. I figured, hey, its a dream, nothing bad can come out of this. I told her I play all the time and that when I’m not sleeping I play Counter-Strike. She responded with a blank stare. Like I was a loser. Alarm bells started going off in my head and I told her another story.

Next thing I know she gets up and … I’m going to stop here, just incase young people are reading. If you’d like to know the rest ask me. I will say this though, she touched me and I woke up instantly. I went back to bed with the hopes of going back to that same place but instead I was in a totally different setting that was SO trippy, I won’t explain this though. I will say that it involved Christopher Meloni(guy from Law and Order), a Russian woman named natasha who wore an orange spandex body suit with only one leg, her husband Boris, and my best friend Alex… except Alex had white hair instead of his normal blond, and he was wearing an expensive suit and Morpheous style sunglasses.

It ruled so much, it ended when I got a parking ticket… I was a bus driver in the end… don’t ask.

Oh, I didn’t write these two dreams down. My dad took my pen when I was sleeping so didn’t write it down. But I could fill at least 2 pages with this dream if I were to post every detail

I’m never going to try a WILD though. Man those scared the hell out of me, it scared me more then the first time I had Sleep Paralysis. I get SP at least twice a week now though and I actually welcome it because I can hear my heart beating and I can actually hear liquids inside my body and it sounds soo cool. (sucks when the AC is on though, then I just hear a super loud rumble)

The first time I came to this page that night I tried a wild. O M G I scared the HELL out of my self. I was hearing super human sounds, they weren’t coherent and made no sense and I’ve never heard sounds like this before and it scared me so so much.

:thumbs: Congratulations Garlic on your LD :dream:

And I’ll take the opportunity to welcome you to the ld4all community. :wave:

I have about 20 entries in my dream diary, about 14 of them are dreams. Sometimes I’ll just put in “I know I dreamt, but I have no clue what I dreamt.” My dreams melt into each other, and sometimes they’re VERY vivid. I’ve had one where I thought to myself “Did I make this happen? And what does this mean in a dream?” After seeing a red fox, while thinking up a character with red hair. I said to myself “That red?” and then I was like “Did I make this happen?” “Does this represent in the dreamworld when I actually saw a fox earlier this year?” “What the hell are a bunch of giant inflatable pillows doing everywhere?” Then I went into another segment of the dream and forgot it. I’m a little skeptical about Lucid Dreaming; however I do believe in Vivid Dreams, sometimes very vivid. I think this is very cool, I’m into Phantasmagoric things. Whether you’re just dreaming you’re Lucid Dreaming or not, you’re enjoying yourself and that’s what matters :smile:.

how many first have you had o.O i’ve been reading these forums all night and your first is alot of the posts lol o.O

I dont really consider this my first LD though it was the first time I knew I was dreaming while I was dreaming

But I awoke the INSTANT I found out I was dreaming.

Heh, that’s happened to me, way before I even looked this stuff up. It was in my persecuted Jew dream, I awoke when didn’t want to go inside of my house, after reading something written in hebrew on the front door, and heard a voice in my head saying something about “Judas” or “Judaea” I was like “I’m not going in there, this isn’t happening.” And I walked away and woke up. Which is strange, since I never dream about anything like this. I hardly ever remembered my dreams until that dream. Now I remember them almost nightly.

What’s a night terror :eek:?

“Night terror (as in “drama”) n. : an emotional episode (usually in young children) in which the person awakens in terror with feelings of anxiety and fear but is unable to remember any incident that might have provoked those feelings”

From WordNet.