oh my goodness...i had my third lucid dream!

ahh im so excited! cause i had a 3rd lucid dream! ahhhh. well anyway i was taking a nap from 10 to 1.

I first had a couple of dreams and then i became lucid. I was walking at night with my friend autumn and i suddenly became lucid. I walked off the sidewalk so i had room to rub my hands together. Then i was very lucid. I just kept walking but i was trying to turn night into day cause it was too dark. then it became day but it turned back into night. IM SO MAD I FORGOT TO LOOK AT THE NIGHT SKY!!! well anyway autumn and i were walking through the dark and we found our way up into a lighthouse. Iwas trying to make my worst enemy appear but she wouldnt cause i wanted to beat her up…i tried hard but it didnt work. then i was trying to escape alot of evil dogs. i made them dissappear. then i switched scenes. I was at a high school and i was older. and guess what i was STILL lucid! i did some other stuff but i forgot. Then my friend autumn tried to have sex with the principal and i got grossed out so i walked away. I was trying to fly and i was sooo excited. I started to rub my hands together again. and i rubbed too hard and it actually burned! it hurt! how can it hurt in a dream? but then i woke up

so tell me. how can stuff hurt me in a dream? literally i burned my self and pinched myself and it hurt and i was dreaming! please give me a reason im going crazy

Sometimes things feel like they hurt in a dream… That’s how realistic LDs are :tongue: If you expect it to hurt, it will. I imagine that if you tell yourself it won’t hurt, then it won’t…

And by the way, congrats with your LDs! You’re doing great! :grin:


LDs have feeling, you know. They would be how your mind thinks it to be. The hurting probably wouldnt last long, because youd want it go away - and since it is a LD - it does! But still, Lucid dreams - feelings of all sorts :smile:

thanx…i havent been expecting all these LD’s so i havent been writing down my dreams and im mad at myself for that!


—my dream journal

LOL blackeyeliner it seems you are on the right way top get lds :wink:
Good to hear! See that magic eyeliner no 1 is special :smile:

Of course you can feel pain how else could the real body warn you when something that has an harmful impact to the body is there.
You can experience all in a dream so why not pain?
I can Experience in my dreams and lds emotions and love and hunger taste/flavor heat, cold, preassure also, so why not pain?


thanx…i was getting sorta confused.