Oh my... Hiro-like teleporting.

Having the ability to teleport anywhere like Hiro from NBC’s Heroes would be amazing! This is something you all should definitely try and I’m trying it once I finally achieve a lasting LD :smile:

To do it, close your eyes, and think about the scene where you want to be. (You may also think about the time and people there)

Open your eyes, and BAM your there :smile:

Lemme know if it works!

Actually, I do that already, but many people are scared to close their eyes, since it is a way to wake up. Frankly, I don’t so that is already the method I use.

It matters if you are able to close your eyes.

But yeah, it’s the B-E-S-T way to teleport. No lies.

[spoiler]Download’s random recursive acronym.

Best Ever Salami Trainer[/spoiler]

woohoo :smile:

This method of teleporting is a high risk of getting back to bed :puh:

Instead I teleport with open eyes, but the Hiro-teleportation might work for some people :cool:

Ehh…i don’t have to close my eyes…My “teleportation” method is changing the scenery :tongue:

It’s still fun to try :smile:

This is number 4 on my priority list which goes as follows

  1. Fly, levitate, or float
  2. Use telekenesis on a massive object
  3. Meet with my friends and tell them that they are dreaming
  4. Teleport


I ping to other places. in my first LD I pinged till I got dizzy!

Lawl you are a pinger

the imagination itself

like a canvas, needs to be made so strong that it intersects with both lucidity and waking reality

closing eyes , and awakening, or closing eyes and being in dreams, depends upon partly where your focus is most extended , but,

this closed eye place is where we can visualize and program a dream, and then, it will manifest, it can be done with open dream eyes too.

I stopped time like Hiro last night. Quite fun. :smile: