Ok, I had my first lucid dream. I think

So, I woke up and started to WILD (that does not sound correct). I fell asleep and had a dream in which I was giving a test which was going horrible. I suddenly realised that I was dreaming and performed a reality check. I spun around and started licking the walls to stabilise the dream. I wanted to fly which also went horrible. Then I think I lost my lucidity and just started dreaming like always. I have no idea how to ld again and how do I retain my awareness in dreams?

Hello @Peepzz :wave:

Congratulation to your first LD! From your description it sounds like you started the dream normally only realized inside the dream that you are dreaming? If that is the case then that’s not a WILD actually but a DILD. Realizing this may help you figure out which technique to apply to repeat your success. MILD is probably a good choice and maybe that is actually what you were doing to some degree when you were attempting WILD.

Also the usual advice applies to increase your chances for LDs: keep a good dream journal, have good sleep hygiene (sleep much and sleep well, basically), cultivate your awareness during waking times (and you can throw in a RC every now and then) and make sure you’re motivated and have fun.

The last 2 items will also help you with the second part of your question, how to maintain lucidity. Make sure you got something you want to do in your next LD and rehearse before going to sleep. A good idea may be to start taking in your surrounding and observe all your senses once you attained lucidity. This can have interesting effects but no spoilers (it’s very individual anyways).

It sounds like flying is one the things you already set for yourself. That’s awesome, many people enjoy that and for good reason. As you are rehearsing your intent to have a LD and what you are going to do once you find yourself inside one, also be more specific in your thoughts and ideas what that looks like in detail (the flying). Which technique is going to propel you into the skies and how high and fast will you be going?

Hope this helps and please report back about more of your dreams :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying! I didn’t really think anyone actually would tbh.

Anyways, so I don’t really think DILDs are the way to go for me because I don’t really have a dream sign (if you don’t count always being on the verge of death that is) and the dreams are usually always in third person. I thought that the WILD method might have increased my awareness in my dreams but that may not be the case. And in all my dreams I always remember the general… storyline but never really see the dream, yk what I’m saying?
And on that night, I had actually thought about quitting trying to lucid dream so maybe my brain just hates me and is stringing me along 🤷

I have tried MILD multiple times but tbh just repeating a mantra to lucid dream sounds just so easy that I feel like it’ll never work. FILD too, like just a millimetre for just 30 seconds? I’ll probably just go to sleep like normal.
Tysm for the advice :slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats. Let me take a stab at your second question. How do I maintain awareness. I see two things here. And it’s quite understandable. One, you started licking walls for tactile sensation I presume. Second, you tried to fly.

You’re likely to hate my advice. But it’s probably pretty reasonable. Next time, try not to have a knee jerk reaction. Stop. Literally take a deep breath. And just slowly and gently touch things, look around, review your environment, etc…

I feel pretty strongly that the reason you woke up, is you got over excited. Relax and chill. This takes time. Next time, just try to gently acclimate to your environment. And DON’T get overexcited. That should make pretty big diff. Good luck.

Tysm for replying :slight_smile:
The thing is, excitement isn’t really a problem for me because if I do have a ld again my reaction is probably gonna be “Finally!” and not something like “Yayyyy I did itttTtttTtTt” Actually I didn’t wake up, instead the dream started taking place like normal. My grandparents somehow showed up and started arguing after which I woke up. I should have specified that, sorry for the confusion.
To lucid dream again I’m gonna have to find a technique that actually works for me because in this attempt, I performed a RC just because the dream sucked.
And yes, I licked the walls to provoke my senses, I do not have a weird fetish of walls.