Ok I have another silly question

Ok, Iam getting better at recalling my dreams, but I want to know if it is ok to write a few notes in my notebook on my dreams and then just kinda continue writing them later? They are getting really long and I don’t like to write very much, I feel like I’m trying to write a Novel and I do like to write but I don’t like to write 100000000 pages per day, ok that’s just an exageration but it almost seems like that. Iam wondering if it helps with recall to get better when I think about my dreams at night before going to bed or should I write it all down during the day? I know this is more of an opinion thing but I just want to know what you think. Thanks.

I wish I had your level of recall. :smile:

That depends if you can still remember them later, if you do it’s ok. I’m always trying to write them as soon as possible so I don’t forget anything.

Do you mean you think
a) about dreams you had?
b) about remembering your dreams dream the next day?

b) Will help you to remember the dream the next morning.
a) Could help you get lucid, but I’m not sure about that.

I do like that all the time.
I write doen keywords from the dream right when i wake up and when i read them later in the evning when i have time 2 write them i judt have2 look att the words to rember the dream.

What I mean is, if you write half of your dream down and you still remember later, can you write down the other half of the dream later? They just get sooo long that I can’t keep writing them all day. I don’t know any other way to explain it. and thanks for the help! :smile: You seem to know what i’m saying but Iam sorry I can’t explain it in a differant way. But I think you are right on track . Don’t worry bout the other part of the message.

thanks for your opinion. Iam going to try that today.

If I have a complicated dream, I just scribble down notes on keywords, activities, places, people etc, and write it later.

Thanks for the help Triggs :smile:

I write notes in the morning like ‘LD- killed a badger/had good dinner’ ext, then write it up later that day. Really depends on whether you trust yourself to remember that whole time. :cool:

Thanks for the help :smile:

I usually write a few notes after breakfast. That gives me some time to remember them better, and I feel less groggy. Later I go write the whole dream down.

Yeah, it’s pretty common practice (writing notes upon waking, then writing it up later). Works fine for me. You should be safe.

Speaking is generally less labourous than writing, which is actually quite slow.

I’d suggest buying a small pocket recorder. It’s quite easy to quickly blab 5 pages of dreams in a minute or two, whereas writing it would take ~10.

thanks a bunch for the help. :smile: I’ll keep that in mind. I’m going to go with the notes in the morning thing. Iam very shy with a tape recorder and Iam afraid someone will wake up hearing me speak out my dreams and I’d be all embarissed. My dreams sometimes get really weird. And people living with me would think Iam phsyco or something. Thanks for the help.

I just started a DJ.

Im glad I read this topic because I woulndt have done it today.

Hey, thats a really good idea… I never thought of that. I think I might look into it. Thanks noodle.

archdreamer - np.

luciditychick, don’t worry about the other people. for about $20 (cheapie) you can buy a small mp3 based pocket recorder. my friend has one and the mic is sensetive enough that he can sit it on his lecture hall in a class of 300, and hear the lecturer fine. thus, you can easily whisper into it if you’re shy, or are afraid of waking people/being heard, and it’ll come out clear as day later.

I normally have the same problem when I’m writing in my dream journal, which I keep by my pillow. On a good “night” it can take me up to an hour to 90 minutes to finish my writing, especially if I begin to daydream!:dream:

I even began my own online journal right here at LD4all:


Now it will take me two hours!!:thud:

Go to dreamjournal.net

Its a really good one and people can interpret your dream or add a comments.

Its really more fast than writing in a real book.

I usually can’t remember my dreams RIGHT when I wake up, but usually something within an hour or two triggers recall of the entire dream. For this reason, I carry around a peice of paper and pen with me so I can write a few key words to help me remember it.

  • you dont HAVE to stick to a specific way of writing your DJ, after all its YOUR DJ and the way you write it should be as comfortable for you as possible.
    Of course there’s some stuff you should keep in mind, like that u dont just think like “aww im too lazy to do it now, ill write it later”, but still, its supposed to be an aid, not an obstacle :wink:

Sometime its better writing in the journey than in the morning because you can think about your dream the wholde day and usually you think about new things.